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Vorzüge VorzAMP PURE II - review and impressions

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by shigzeo, Jan 6, 2014.
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  1. m-i-c-k-e-y
    Ask/file a complaint... Maybe they'll make an exchange.
  2. zachchen1996
    Is the amp not supposed to have any interference? If not, I should definitely email them for an exchange too =/
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  3. shumala
    I've just shot them a note to see what the story is. I'm hoping it's just bad luck and a few of us got old/faulty units and can be replaced, cause I love the amp. If it's normal and/or cannot be fixed, I've asked for a refund. Will see what they say!

    Until then, will probably stick to my Intruder.
  4. zeppu08

    Can you describe the SQ of this set up? Planning to get the same set up, ipod classic + solo + pure 2.. Will this be good for rock genres?
  5. fiascogarcia
    I was planning on commenting on this, as Dimitri asked the same thing.  I can give initial thoughts, as I only have about 20 hours on the Pure II.  When I initially received this, I was using my RSA SR-71A, which has a darker signature than a large, I think, number of other amps.  To me, dark describes a lush, rich sound, with maybe ever so slightly rolled off treble(at least non sibilant).  I've loved this type of sound with my RSA, so the Vorzuge was definitely a change for me. Mids and highs were immediately appealing to me, very articulate and neither forward or recessed.  But I was a little concerned about the lower range.  The RSA carries a very strong bass without being boomy.  Frankly, I was expecting something a little stronger from the Pure II (obviously a necessity for Rock).  Well, long story short, SQ is changing for me.  Though I've been skeptical about burn in, I truly believe that the longer I'm playing the Pure II the better sounding it is becoming.  Might be my brain adjusting to the sound signature, but I am now hearing a nice, punchy bass, not over the top bass-head bass, but lows that are suiting me quite nicely.  As with the Parterre's, I like a sound signature that is not forward in any of the ranges, but well balanced  and detailed throughout.  That, to me, provides a very natural sound, and that's my preference.  I think I'm getting that now with the Vorzuge. I will comment further as I get at least 100 hours with the Pure II, and though I've been listening to a lot of jazz and fusion, I'll start shifting my attention to some Zep, AC/DC, Aerosmith, etc. (sorry, I'm a classic rocker), and full size cans.  I can tell you now that guitar and drum sound fantastic, fast and clear, and vocals come through very naturally.  Anyway, my 2 cents, and I'll try to update as I go.  I have no regrets buying this beautiful little amp!!  BTW, I'm using the original CLAS,  the new -Db and -R may get slightly different results.
  6. zeppu08

    Thanks for that detailed feedback! Im really looking forward to this amp too.. Hope you give more feedback.. And thats cool that we had the same taste on the rock scene. Some GnR, bon jovi, europa etc. and with that i can easily relate! Ill be using an original CLAS too and not the new ones..

    Will be looking forward for more of your feedback mate!

  7. DoubleMusic
    thanx fiascogarcia for the info and set up pics, thot of getting the a heavier headphone  for my pure2 (at high gain) any recommendations ?
    my female friend seems to like the ivory white - may get one for her coming Bday.
  8. shumala
    Have been in touch with Vorzuge's customer service and they confirm that they have just released a new version.

    Unfortunately, for the likes of me that purchased the amp 2 weeks ago, Vorzuge will not provide free upgrades nor refund on the purchased unit. If you'd like to modify your 'old' unit, you can email their customer service to ask for a quote.

    This is quite disappointing as I would think that it is a design flaw from the get go not taking account interference for a portable device, and they are unwilling to upgrade the initial batch of customers who have supported them.
  9. zachchen1996
    That is disappointing news :frowning2:
  10. bluewrx1025
    Hey everyone. I've been lurking on this board for a little bit now and just placed an order for the Pure II. I'll be pairing it with my RWAK100 at the moment until I send my AK to Vinnie to get the S mod done. Definitely looking forward to getting it after reading a lot about it.
  11. fiascogarcia
  12. fiascogarcia
    Congrats!  That should be a great combo, one that I've been thinking about.  I think I got my Pure II about 3 days after I ordered it.
  13. bluewrx1025
    Thanks! I ordered from Moon Audio because I saw they had the same price as on the Vorzuge website. Plus had free 2 day shipping. Hopefully it's the newer revision that is less susceptible to interference.
  14. fiascogarcia
    I use iPod and CLAS, so I've never had the interference issues.
  15. zeppu08

    BTW, how is it going on your setup?
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