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Vorzüge VorzAMP PURE II - review and impressions

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by shigzeo, Jan 6, 2014.
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  1. nazrin313
    yes!!! more impressions....keep at it guys...
  2. nazrin313
    Bumping this one....any more comparisons guys? 
  3. shigzeo Contributor
  4. nazrin313
    Thats great!! Cant wait...I just got the Stagediver 3 and the synergy with desktop amp is just ridiculous. the best sound ive ever heard ever!! Lush, Dynamic, Soundstage, Details, Power!!! Destroys my HD600
    My desktop setup is the Maverick Audio D1 + Little Dot mkIVse btw...
    Now the challenge is to get a portable setup with this sound...any ideas? Can the Vorzuge give me this sound?
  5. zachchen1996
    pure ii came in today, first listen and already very impressed (based on memory, it woops the uha-6s mkii and the balanced amp of the hm901)even though all I have to use with it for now is my old j3, too bad I already sold my hm901. I can only imagine how it will scale once I get a calyx m or hugo for it in the future. Very happy customer here [​IMG]
  6. nazrin313
    J3 + PureII beats your HM901 (balanced) + UHA???
    That caught my attention
  7. Valuephile

    Ok!  Great review!!  Until today, I had never even heard of the VorzAmp Pure II.  I'm looking to pair a headphone amp with my Shure SE530s and JH Audio Roxannes.  So...  The CL Duet vs. VorzAmp Pure II?  Which one has the superior SQ for UIEMs and CIEMs?  Are they on the same level or is there a noticeable difference wherein the Duet does better than the Pure II in some areas and the Pure II does better than the Duet in others?  If there are differences can you more specifically compare and describe?  Thanks!
  8. zachchen1996
    this amp is just so much right, it deserves more love...
  9. nazrin313

    I agree.. But to get that love, owners have to do more comparisons with other amps from the big boys...Well this is what i am waiting for before I make my final decision

    Im always keeping my eye open on this thread but sadly its rather slow and not picking up speed
  10. zachchen1996

    I don't have my balanced 901 anymore, but I'm pretty sure the j3+pure ii has more bass authority than the balanced 901? All I can say is that I don't miss the 901 at all, and I really can't wait to see what this amp can do with a calyx m :) I thought the uha-6s mkii was clean, pure ii really lives up to its name and is cleaner. It simply just disappears and gets out of the way. Sorry I don't have my other gear to compare directly with it anymore though :// All I can say is that I always felt there was something lacking with the leckerton and the hifiman balanced amp, but not so with the pure ii.
  11. nazrin313

    Can you post pics of your portable setup? I wondering about the size of the amp. Im all about ergonomics and stuff and I think the vorzuge might be too small for my Dap..
  12. zachchen1996
    nazrin313 likes this.
  13. bernards
    I received my unit 3 days ago. Wow.

    I never really liked my AK120, it sounded too congested and the music had no life. I tried quite a few amps and they didn't really do anything except make things louder. The AK120 was already loud enough. Plug in the Pure 2 and suddenly the world changed. My first two hours with the Shure 846 dropped me into a trance. I just sat there and the music surrounded me. Today I stuck in the NAD HP50 and it sang. The music engulfs you and if you close your eyes, the world just melts away. Phew. No more shopping around for me. From now on, I'll take Whatever voodoo Vorzuge throws at me.
  14. nazrin313

    Great pics!!! That amp does look nice and again confirmed that its a little on the small side.. Can you pls describe more about the performance?

    I have the have mav audio d1plus + little dot mkIV se + SD3 = audio nirvana imho...

    Now i wanna mimic this to a portable setup.. Can the vorzuge help me? My other consideration is the 627x
  15. zachchen1996

    yup [​IMG] 
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