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Vorzüge VorzAMP PURE II - review and impressions

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by shigzeo, Jan 6, 2014.
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  1. coachhouse

    Vorzuge is also working on a new version of the Duo I'm on the fence since already own the Duo . It is fantastic but the pure + is calling my name they make unbelievable amps DECISIONS DECISIONS !!! 
  2. DimitriTrush
    as far as I know, Duo II is yet to be released. I was too looking forward to Duo II but PLUS came first.
    I'd  say it will be a while prior Duo II comes out so decisions should be easier to make now...[​IMG]
  3. WCDchee

    Hi Nathan does this mean that you have the pure 2+ already? If you do, how are you finding it? :)
  4. DimitriTrush
    I am also kin to learn as I have not gotten the Pures in my hand yet, very soon hopefully by this weekend.
    Nathan is working on the review on Pure II +  now (that is what I understood from our conversation).
  5. shigzeo Contributor
    Lads and lasses, I have completed the first part of my PURE II+ review. I will publish more tomorrow (or so) at headfonia. 
    For now, I have written the following at ohm image. You will find more images there as well. The quoted text is verbatim and inserted with my permission. 

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  6. WCDchee

    Thank you Nathan! Does this mean that compared to the pure 2 it's got quite a similar level of sound quality? Nowhere near the jump from the pure to the pure 2?
  7. shigzeo Contributor

    The jump from PURE to PURE II was much bigger than I expected, and Vorzüge phased out the original PURE. PURE II+ has to improve on PURE II, which is very hard, but in certain ways they did. Still, it's not the large evolutionary jump that PURE II was over PURE. It is iterative, studied, and good.
  8. henkie196
    Still, $50 extra (not counting the pre-order discount), for a battery led and almost an hour of extra play time doesn't seem like great value to me.
  9. WCDchee

    i think that depends on how you see things. If I;m buying a Fiio amp i would certainly not pay 50 dollars for these features, but I think for a top notch product, at the price bracket that it is competing, certainly no company would charge anything less than 50 dollars for these features.
    If I could add an hour of battery life and cut the charging time down by an hour, I would be very happy to pay 50 dollars more. On top of that, while they have a similar circuit design, from what vorzuge told me, some components have been optimised. While the step up may not be large, I believe the slight noise reduction and a very slight improvement in sound quality as noted by nathan coupled with the battery and charging changes is worth 50 dollars.
    Again, I must emphasise that we must take the price of this amp into consideration. I would expect my 50 dollars to do a lot more in a fiio than in a vorzuge
  10. henkie196
    I see what you mean, even if I don't necessarily agree. Relatively, a $50 price hike for for instance a FiiO E12A would be a 31% price increase, while for the Pure II it's nearly 9% price increase. The price hike for the Pure to the Pure II was also a significant 31%, though I would not consider the original Pure because, from what I've heard, the lowest volume would be too high for me.
    I think this should be: "PURE II+ has a noticeably, albeit slightly, quieter background" (notice the comma placement). It's a bit hard to read in the current form :wink:
  11. shigzeo Contributor

    What awful grammar. I'll get to that. Thank you. 
  12. fiascogarcia
    IMO the bottom line is that the original Pure II is such a fine little amp, you would not expect that there could be huge improvements made to it.  Great uncolored sound, black background; hard to take it up too many notches!  Vorzuge did the logical thing, which is to address the little things where there could be improvement made.
  13. shigzeo Contributor

    Indeed, and PURE II+ is a nicer package, and if you're looking to get into Vorzüge, I really suggest going there first, but PURE II is excellent.
  14. shigzeo Contributor

    I should also mention that the original PURE, while very good, was easily trumped by PURE II. PURE II+ moves up again, but not by the same amount. But then again, the price has only increased by 9%, and it is increasing relative to the features it brings.
  15. Tony1110

    Agree. If I were to buy an amp now I'd go for the II+, but I see no reason to upgrade for the minor improvements. The Pure II is very impressive.
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