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Vorzüge VorzAMP PURE II - review and impressions

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by shigzeo, Jan 6, 2014.
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  1. feverfive

    I had to send Vorzuge CS an email to order mine.  Just use their website contact form.  They responded to me very quickly. I had the same issue as you.
  2. henkie196
    The Pure II seems like a neat little amp, though the superlatives on Vorzüge's website always make me a bit weary about hot air.
    I was thinking this would be an interesting amp for me to use at home so that I wouldn't be locked to sit behind the computer or on the sofa, but would have more liberty to walk around the house. One thing I haven't really seen answered in this thread, though, is how the Pure II would do driving some heavier full size headphones like for instance a HD800 or HE-560.
    Can anyone comment on how the Pure II compares with these headphones when compared to some similarly priced desktop amps?
  3. 40lb
    I have the HD800, I do feel the amp can ower then quite nicely on middle gain. Could easily drive them to volumes I would never listen to. However I think they make a terrible pair. Unless that is you like the high treble.
  4. henkie196
    I was led to believe the Pure II was mostly neutral, with perhaps a little bump in the mids, going on the experiences posted here?
    Or do you think the HD800 needs a source/amp that rolls off the highs a bit more than neutral?
  5. shigzeo Contributor

    The PURE II is completely neutral, but it errs slightly warm. There is no bump anywhere in its frequency response curve.
    I agree, what I'm hearing with my rig is, not sure if this is the way to put it, but the mids seem forward? but then the lower and upper end also seem forward? its weird but it all seems to have mored forward, but still neutral also at the same time, and still spacious with great seperation, an awesome soundstage!
    simply put the music sounds "PURE" beautifuly so! I add my ZOv1 into the mix because I like thicker notes, and with the Pure to use a base to jump off from with the ZO, it's wildly fun without loosing any of what my other gear is adding to it all!
    iPod Classic>CLAS-R>Pure II>ZOv1>ASG-2s! I am enthralled into my music, I will start with my ZO off, and then imerse myself with the ZO, my jaw drops every time, lol
  7. henkie196
    Thanks for the responses, I suppose it just means that he thinks that the HD800 should be sourced/amped by something a bit more laid back.
    Wait, you amp your amp? Why not just use the ZOv1 directly if you prefer that sound signature? I don't think the Pure II is doing much to drive your headphones in that set up.
    the following is for bassheads only, top secret, CLASSIFIED, level 10 clearence only!
    you can't double amp, that's just silly and produces an aweful sound, and so the ZO isn't an amp, it has no volume control, so you need an amp, well not necessarily I suppose, just a source would do, but it sounds the best out of an amp, I have a couple of amps that the ZO winds up limiting, so I wouldn't add it, and since I got the P2, it looks like I'm going to wind up selling ALOT of my gear that I've enjoyed over the years, because now with the P2, my music is truely unearthly! they where made for each other! it is so clean its pure, it's enthralling! and the ZO eats the sh!t out of it, you have to hear it for yourself,
    I take it you've never heard the power of the allmighty ZO! it is to music, as mortor is to brick, it fills in all the gaps and holds the music together wonderfully, without covering any of it up! so it only adds (body/thickness/fullness) to what is already there, and it adds to the whole sound spectrum, bass, mids, and treble! I still get the wonderfull large soundstage, and awesome placement, which is what the P2 does, so it marries perfectly together, I prefer the ZOv1 the most,
    I look at it as building a foundation for the headgear of choice, to produce an outcome of what we want to enjoy listening to, each piece helps build and adds to the next, to create the outcome that reaches our ears,
    I love what the CLAS-R does with my iPod, but it needs an amp to go along with it, and to get just the right bass, mids, and treble, well that's a hunt and a 1/2, but the P2 is now here! and being a bass head I like a little thicker sound, and that is where the ZO fits in, a magical little beasty!
    and so bliss is what I have now since my P2 came along, I had the DOU and loved that! but being a basshead I was very reluctant to try the Pure, I imagined it to being a bright amp, it is far far from that, but neither also I guess? it's just pure, which is very very odd, they named it well, and its name says it all! because it is just that, pure, pure music, in a way that I've never heard before, I didn't know I was looking for it, but then again, I have always been looking for it in a sense? wierd, but when I heard it for the first time it was cozy, like coming home for the first time? it's ethereal, not bassy, not trebbly, and I am very sensative to bright treble and the P2s treble perfect! nadda bad note since I've gotten it, from the bass to the treble, the whole sound is working together in a wonderful harmony,
    and so the P2 wouldn't be the same without the CLAS-R, the ZO wouldn't be the same without the Pure, and the ASGs wouldn't sound like they do by removing any of it, it all works together in conjunction with eachother, each part adding and building onto the next, to bring to me a sound the likes of which that I have never heard before, you have to hear it to believe it!
    Happy Listening Everyone!
  10. shigzeo Contributor

    Hey Anderoan, I wrote that, so if you have any questions, ask away. And thanks for the encouragement.
  11. henkie196
    I looked up the ZOv1 first and found http://www.head-fi.org/t/558850/digizoid-zo1-zo2-3-portable-headphone-amp-review, which seems to suggest it's an amp, although I suppose, upon closer inspection, it could also be an analog equaliser of sorts. Though I would expect you'd want to put something like that before the amp, rather than after it, given that this is how most integrated amplifiers work.
    Did anyone here try the leather case that you can order for the Vorzüge amps?
  12. PhiQuanTu
    The Pure II is a nice little Amp that I find more enjoyable than many other portable amp that I've had in the past.
  13. shigzeo Contributor
    Dimitri (Musica Acoustics) contacted me re: PURE II+. He's got some sort of ortofon special going on now if you order a PURE II+. I didn't understand it, but if that sounds good, maybe contacting him is good.
    Anyway, I'll be comparing PURE II+ to PURE II in a few days. I'm trying to run out batteries now.
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  14. henkie196
  15. m-i-c-k-e-y
    It now online... Pre-order discounted price: $ 584
    Launch date: 1st May 2015

    – Faster charging system
    – Enhanced power circuitry for higher efficiency, reliability and reduced noise
    – Improved audio circuitry, sound signature largely remains the same.

    – Power indicators (displaying 40-50% and 10-15% of battery life)

     * Pre-orders will be shipped no later than 5 working days of the launch date and are not eligible for the “7-Day Trial Period”



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