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Vorzüge VorzAMP PURE II - review and impressions

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by shigzeo, Jan 6, 2014.
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  1. fiascogarcia

    Me either.  I suppose it would affect those that use it in bed at night.
  2. DimitriTrush
    Sorry for confusion.  $999 is not a real price tag.
    Price has not been announced yes.  (999 number was used as "dummy" digits...
    I get it fixed soon.
  3. Tony1110

    Hey Dimitri, the e-Q8 and DX90 arrived :) I shall e-mail you shortly.
  4. feverfive
    LOL, I literally have used my Pure II as a handy flashlight a few times.  I thought about taking a Sharpie to it, but just can't get myself to do it for some reason.
    For those like me who have owned the Pure II for a while now (for me, 13 months):  how is your battery holding up?  I'm still getting about 7.5 - 8 hours paired w/ my AK120ii.  I bought a replacement battery from Vorzuge a couple months just so I'd have a battery on hand for replacement in case the factory battery takes a nosedive.
  5. shigzeo Contributor

    The thing is that:
    The same volume from your iPod and from your dedicated high-price amp requires the same voltage. You don't send more voltage into a pair of headphones without getting more voltage. If you don't have enough voltage, it's not that your headphones sound crap, it's that they are too quiet. So if you get 'loud enough' from a pair of headphones through an iPod, and you get the same volume through an amp, they are spitting the same voltage.
    Where thing change up is in how much current the amp is able to supply at what frequency and at that voltage. Voltage can swing based on the current supplied. If enough current is supplied, then the headphone will supply stable voltage and volume. Distortion should be lower, etc. 

    The reason I called this out was that it is a common mistake made by audiophiles. Now, my explanation is over simplified. You can find great explanations by NWAVguy, or other electronic guru. There is nothing at all magical about headphones or amping. It's all basic maths. And for that reason, you can isolate problems very easily. PURE supplies wonderful current at most voltage/volume levels. It is perfectly stable, and able to provide great stereo signals, low distortion, etc., because it doesn't fudge the maths.
    It's not about being new or being old to the hobby. I've met some newbies that are far more honest. Say they: "I don't hear a difference." And guess what, a lot of times, there is no difference, and that because two devices (price/ostensible customer notwithstanding) are backed up by circuits that are based on similar maths.
  6. MilesR
  7. WaxMan

    Just received the amp on Monday from Moon Audio, with a Silver Dragon IEM Cable for my Westone ES5's.  Tonight was the night I opened up the package and discovered what the fuss was all about.  ******* does it sound fine!!!
  8. WaxMan

    One Two Three Four!!!!
    four, three, two, one, pccchhhh! houston I have lift off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, lol,
    I just got my P2 also from musicdiddy, holly socks, looks like I can sell all of my other amps, sublime truly sublime, WOW! makes my ASG-2s sing, master mids very 3D, perfect highs, and dynamic lows, puts all of my other amps to shame, and I have quite a few,
    I thought my Duo was great! and that the P2 would be a bright amp, but oh my gosh, I am super happy to be wrong, this is one amp that has an uber balanced sound to it,
    they really chose the right name for it for cetain, PURE, that is definately what it is, a PURE sound that brings justice to my ASG-2s,
    I don't mean to sound like a fanboy, but this truly is "Pure" music from a Pure amp, that has brought my audio bliss to a whole other level! beautiful,  PURELY beautiful man! it's as if I'm hearing music for the first time!
    Vorzuge surely must have elves working there magic at night when no one is around, lol,
    iPod>CLAS-R>P2>ASG-2s and then maybe just maybe, although I don't think that it will need it, but I'm an audio glutton so on a whim I might throw my ZO into the mix? ggrrr, lol, thanks David!
    Happy Listening everyone!
    well added the ZOv1 for giggles, kowabunga, thicker notes, still the great seperation, and detail, so surprisingly it doesn't detract from what the P2 is doing for the music, but like apowerhouse that the ZO is, only adds to what is there and doesn't cover any of it up!
    now my portable rig only got a little bigger, not as heavy as a cinder block, lol, but like I care when I'm in audio bliss!
  11. fiascogarcia
    Can the battery be easily replaced on these?  Thanks.
  12. feverfive
    I plan on doing this w/in a couple months.  I've had the spare battery (bought direct from Vorzuge) a couple months now.  It involves removing volume knob & the rear panel.  Looks simple enough.
  13. Shure4Sure
    Would you please share the website where I can purchase a new battery for the Pure II? I tried purchase it through Vorguze's official site but it does not let me proceed at checkout, keep saying shipping option is not available to my address (USA).
  14. WaxMan
    Its probably something to do with batteries being hazardous to ship maybe. Someday I plan on taking my battery out of my unit, taking off the wrapper and finding the part #. There is no way that is a proprietary battery. Just has a custom wrapper. Anyway what I am getting at is the battery should be readily availble from any place that stocks those sorts of things. I remember the battery that was in the Sh@dow was an iPod battery. Save some money people.
  15. Shure4Sure
    I suspect that it's just a generic one or two-cell lithium battery, only if I can find out the demension of it then I'd be able to find a vendor that sells them.
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