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Vorzüge VorzAMP PURE II - review and impressions

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by shigzeo, Jan 6, 2014.
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  1. 40lb
    What headphones will you be using?
  2. blackhawk11
    Westone W30 (30 Ohms) IEM.  (will use for the next few years anyway, possible IEM upgrade down the road).   
    Thanks for the responses thus far (Lad27) - helpful.    
  3. 40lb
      I've used the Pure ll with a number of IEMs and haven't found one that doesn't pair well. I haven't tried the W30 but i don't see there being a problem (did a little research on them). The X5 to me doesn't have as smooth of a sound and the sound stage isn't as great. I also feel the X5 lacks some detail and the treble can be missing on some songs. I believe the Pure ll fixes all those problems and adds some bass too. Like the name suggests the Pure ll is well pure greatness never boring. It almost never leaves my X5 unless two things happen; I move it to my Sony ZX1 or I use my HD800s because the treble can be very bright and it kills my ears.
  4. blackhawk11
    40lb- Thank you.  Very helpful.  
    Last Questions - Does the Pure II ever go on sale?  And at what time of the year does this typically happen?
  5. marcin z
    Can you post some photos of your X5+Pure II stack? I'm wondering how it pairs visually.
  6. Lad27
    DX90 + Vorzuge Duo velcroed together. Don't have photo of X5 stacked but this may give you a visual clue. Width wise they are nearly identical and the volume pot is flush with DX90 bottom. X5 is wider (10mm or so?) and considerably longer.
    BTW, powitanie do Head-Fi marcin.
  7. 40lb
      Ok, no problem
    marcin z likes this.
  8. Lad27
    Nice stack.
  9. marcin z
    Thanks for the pictures.
    How much of volume range is really usable with sensitive CIEMs before music gets too loud? I'm using CA pro330v2 (114dB @0.1V / 21Ohm) and my volume settings on Fiio X5 are between 25/120 and 40/120 depending on genre/album.
  10. fiascogarcia
    My K10's are sensitive (don't have the specs), and range with a CLAS is between 7 and 9 o'clock for comfortable listening.  But there isn't a channel imbalance at lower volumes so it works for me.
  11. blackhawk11
    ok. I am very close to pulling the trigger on the pure II. Quite exciting.  A few quick questions...
    -Where did you guys find the rubber bands to hold the units together?  I will be connecting mine to a FIIO X5.  
    -Do you recommend 'straight to straight' source to amp cable or 2 90 degree connectors.   
    -Last did most of you order directly from Votztuge?  Did you incur any additional taxes or duties ( i believe these are shipped from Singapore or Germany)?
    I see Moon Audio is a resller with same costs but i read somewhere here it better to buy direct for warranty/support purposes.  
    Thanks in advance all!
  12. fiascogarcia

    You can get Fiio straps on Ebay, but they're pretty small.  Check Ebay under silicone straps or bands.  Websites that sell portable equipment often have the straps, but shipping is often exorbitant for what they're mailing. Connecting cable will depend on the source you're plugging into, just make sure a 90 degree doesn't interfere with the volume knob or phone jack.  Bought mine direct from Vorzuge, no extra charges that I remember. Nice and easy and quick delivery to US.
  13. 40lb
      The rubber bands that I use can with other amps that I have gotten. If anyone finds a good place to get some please do share.  I agree with fiascogracia on the cables. However I should note I only have striaght cables (about 5) at the moment and I haven't had a problem with any of the so far connecting to my X5.  I order mine from Moon Audio with no problems.
  14. feverfive
    I don't like using amp straps, personally.  I use 3M dual lock (it sticks nicely to equipment, yet also comes off cleanly when you want to remove).  I bought direct from Vorzuge and their responsiveness has always been great (once you allow for time differences of course).  I live in the U.S. & had no import duty issues.
  15. blackhawk11
    Guys, thank you - helpful. I think i will stick to straight/straight as you suggest.  I will order directly from Vorztuge -safest for warranty/support.  
    Any cable recommendations for pure II?  It comes with the vorzkabel.   Was considering the oyaide upgraded cable on the vortztuge site (S/S).   
    Any thoughts on if this is worth the upgrade?  Should I be looking at another cable (i see some order from moon audio here)?  Good experiences with something else?  
    Thanks again in advance.  
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