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Vorzüge VorzAMP PURE II - review and impressions

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by shigzeo, Jan 6, 2014.
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  1. fiascogarcia

    HD600's pair well with it.  Also, the price is right!
  2. 40lb

    Thanks been eying the HD600 for a while now, good to know they pair well.
    I was told the V-Moda M-100 also pair well with this amp. Does anyone have experience with this kind of setup?
  3. WCDchee

    Try the new Fidelio X2, pairs brilliantly!
  4. shigzeo Contributor

    Absolutely it does.
  5. 40lb
    Been reading the Fidelio X2 thread a lot to see if they match my taste. Can you give a quick impression on the Fidelio X2 paired with the Pure II compared to something else or just without an amp?
  6. 40lb
    So I been listening to the pure II for about a week now; it is pure enjoyment. Listening to the pure II with the Philips x2 which is great paired together. Hopefully I can write a comparison with the pure II against the fiio e12a and cayin c5.
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  7. maricius

    I'm very interested in reading that comparison with the Cayin C5. 
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  8. mscott58
    Haven't read through the thread much (sorry) but wondered about people's experience with the Pure 2 and Noble's K10s? Thanks in advance!
  9. fiascogarcia

    Pure II seems to be made for iems, and it really brings out a lot of detail in the K10's.  I don't listen at really loud volumes, so with the K10's sensitivity, my volume knob adjustment is pretty much between 7 and 9 o'clock, even on low gain.  Pure II is slightly mid centric to my ears, but the mids don't ever seem congested and highs and bass definitely hold their own.  Instrument and voice timbre is excellent!
  10. blackhawk11
    Fiascogarcia kind of answered my question but interested in a few others others ...
    I have 30ohm IEM's (Westone W30's) running on a FIIO X5. 
    Do you think the PURE II will give my set up a significant bump in SQ? It sounds like the case...but please chime in on your opinion.  
    (Some folks on another board were mentioning that that more efficient IEM's may not benefit much at all from an amp at all, let a alone a good quality one.) 
  11. feverfive
    ^^^  My opinion only:  even low impedance IEMs can benefit from more quality juice.  I listen to a lot of music w/ dynamic range, and a good amp helps deal w/ swings in dynamics.  And no, I don't listen at ear-splitting volume levels.  Plus, I love the Pure II because it imparts a certain, I dunno, "flavor" to the sound (I suck at articulating).  I have a AK120ii (bought it a month ago), and I still use my Pure II w/ it.  This is an amp I will never sell.  IMO, it might come down to what type of music you listen to.
    I actually ordered a replacement battery from Vorzuge ( almost a month ago, still haven't received it...grrrrr) because I want to have one on hand when my Pure II battery starts showing signs of fading.  I've had my Pure II for just over one year, though it sat in a box for a few months this past summer while I wasn't needing a portable music solution, so the original battery remains fine (still get 8-9 hours of play).
  12. shigzeo Contributor
    @feverfive: you might be surprised to know that many low-Ω earphones are actually much harder to drive as the amp has to supply enough current at sustainable levels in order for balance to be achieved and the original signal upheld as close as is possible to a non-load signal. Most high-Ω headphones just need enough voltage, and it's not that hard to get it where necessary. Vorzuge is pretty damn nice. That's for sure. I hope you keep enjoying.
  13. Lad27
    My Vorzuge is permanently attached to DX90. Audible improvement over HO output, mostly in dynamic range and instrument separation. Even more audible improvement paired with FiiO X5, but X5 is used standalone as true portable rig. 
    Definitely a keeper.
    Volume pot position typically around 9 o'clock, with Ultrasones at 10 o'clock, driving them effortlessly. This thing can deliver some serious power.
  14. blackhawk11

    I am seriously considering a pure ii for my x5 unit. Could you describe the sonic differences with the pure II attached to x5? I assume by your previous post a pure II addition is worth the $?
  15. Lad27
    First of all I have Duo not Pure II, but I assume that apart from bass/treble boost on Duo versus gain switch on Pure they should share the same signal circuitry. Also mine is second-hand with $150 shaved off $500 price tag, so the bang for buck may vary.
    As for sonic differences, the one that is really noticeable how this amp separates the instruments. Somehow the instruments feel like there is an extra air around them and the music sort of "decongests". I listen to heavy, fast paced music (Tool etc.) where a lots is going on at the same time and the music tends to forma a thick wall. Vorzuge helps to lift the two dimensionality of it. It is hard for me to describe it, but it is there, it is palpable.
    Also I believe that this amp has very flat freq response and it doesn't add bump or notch from the source line out anywhere in the audible spectrum. And I mentioned in X5 vs DX90  threads the LO on X5 is a real cracker. If it wasn't for lack of rockbox, bigger/heavier body and (to me) more awkward UI, I'd probably would use Vorzuge with X5 rather than DX90. 
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