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Vorzüge VorzAMP PURE II - review and impressions

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by shigzeo, Jan 6, 2014.
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  1. palermo
    The picture seems use single channel opamp + LME49600 for each channel. Interesting.
  2. jelt2359 Contributor
    Has anyone compared this to the vorzuge 1? Is it worth the upgrade?
  3. fiascogarcia

    I think biggest benefit is the gain control.
  4. audiofrk

    I though this was a discrete amp? No opamps or was I mistaken?
  5. Lad27
    It would be near impossible to squeeze all discrete components on that PCB. 
  6. palermo
    I can't find any transistor on both layer PCB. 
    Someone who have FiiO E12DIY would know how transparent is the sound of buffer LME49600. I do not intend to dig deeper Vorzuge tech, then measure how capabilities based solely on hardware specs. But that picture really interesting [​IMG] 
  7. baritone
    same electronic components are used in diffrent amplifiers  ,the sound can be completelly different  it depends how do you use the specific component BTY i had before the fiio E12 but I sold it because it killed all the subtle harmonic components and this is  NOT
    the case with the pure II amplifier ,the vorzamp output magnifies all the components of the music nothing is missing
    vorzuge said that they audition the amp many , many hours and I the results seem to be very good IMO
    also the PCB layout can be critial to achieve the best performance
  8. sqz20
    Do you feel that the singer's voice is a little bit far so that sometimes its details are hard to be listened out in the music played by vorzuge pure2?
  9. WCDchee
    yes that it right, the mids are pushed back and might be a little recessed, lacking the fullness you might want in vocals. For me the pure 2 is not a great vocal amp.
  10. ch1n4
    oh really? I Always thought the pure II is a very good amp for vocals because it has lush mids and black black background?
    So in your opinion what would be a good amp for vocals?
  11. WCDchee
    Dont get me wrong its definitely not thin or anemic, it sounds good, but i just wouldnt place it as a top vocal amp. Perhaps its my pairing too. Try the kojo km-01 for that.
  12. fiascogarcia

    Yeah, I don't find the upper mids (vocals) recessed at all. YMMV, based on the source and phones, but to my ears the mids are actually slightly forward.  Sorry, I probably just made the water muddier!
  13. cn11
    That's how I hear it too... And with the Parterre, which is a touch dry on the mids....
  14. WCDchee

    I guess its really just my pairing. Now that i think of it the IC that i use with the pure 2 isnt the fullest sounding one so that might be the culprit. Having said that, compared to the kojo the pure 2 does sound thin and recessed in the mids in comparison. But the kojo is a super lush super sweet amp so thats probably why i find the pure 2 lacking for vocals! Not sure about the rest of you, but i find the pure 2 to be a better performer in classical music, one of the best in fact!
  15. 40lb
    Just ordered the Pure II. Could use some help on finding a good pairing with the amp using both open and closed back headphones.
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