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Vorzüge VorzAMP PURE II - review and impressions

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by shigzeo, Jan 6, 2014.
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  1. audiofrk
    whoa that seemed a little hostile.
    not sure if it was directed at me or the company, but I guess I should clarify a few things.
    The website actually list it as gold platted silver soldering I assumed it was the signal path.  My post was a guess as to why they need gold plating on silver soldering, and I am not an electrical engineer or someone that has built any kind of amp.  My guess was based on my limited knowledge of circuits and batteries for my physic, chem, and biochem classes.  If I presented myself as someone that has knowledge of either the companies reasoning or any background in amp making I apologies.
    that being said if you could enlighten me as to there design choices it would be much appreciated.
  2. SilverEars
    Hi, sorry if it came out hostile, and it wasn't directed at you, but the Vorzuge's webpage marketing.  I really can't say much based on what is on the webpage, and what is written is language used for marketing.  All I can say is the THD+N is advertised to be very low at .0008%(keep in mind, this value might be fudged), and the they use mix of silver-gold for solder which I cannot understand why as silver is more conductive.  As for the Gold plated PCB they say it prevenr corrosion incase it happens to corrode over time which is unlikely.  They say they used top grade resistors and parts, and I'm guessing they used film resistors and capacitors why has better performance, but they are commonly used for audio parts also.  
    Other than that, it looks very nice from the outside.
  3. audiofrk
     no worries I looked at my post and I figured that it could be misread as me mouthing off like I am stating facts.  There use of gold and silver jives well with a lot of audiophile equipment (cables, connectors, etc) would be great if they could elaborate. in the end whatever there reasoning they have a compact high quality device thats getting rave reviews and thats whats important.  I agree that the product sheet leaves a little to be desired but I guess there going for "the sound speaks for itself" angle. 
    On a somewhat related note I am shopping around for a source/dac to pair with this amp.  My two front runners are the rwak120-S/120-B and the dx90 if anyone can provide any information on the better match (musically) it would be great (using dita answer).
  4. WCDchee

    No worries about the pairing with the ditas it is phenomenal. I personally use it and the dita guys themselves have personally noted the great synergy and pairing
  5. WCDchee
    Anyone has comparisons with the sr-71a?
  6. fiascogarcia
    I have both.  The RSA is a wonderful amp.  It is more laid back, sounds a little less detailed than the Pure II on the upper scales and the mids and bass might be slightly more lush sounding.  The Pure II doesn't lack in bass, it is just tighter sounding than the RSA. It's upper mids and treble are very nicely detailed without ever becoming sibilant.  Overall, I think the Pure II has the more natural sound, the RSA more full bodied (darker?) but slightly less detailed.  Both have very low noise floor, which is great for iem's.  RSA has more power, a plus I suppose for hard to drive headphones (it is very powerful) and the volume pot is a little better than the Pure II as far as making minor volume level adjustments.  Having said all that, I love them both.  I tend to prefer the Pure II for iem's as they sound incredibly clear at lower gain and volume settings, and generally use the RSA for my full size phones.  I like them enough to keep them both and really have lost any interest in pursuing the next best amp.  All in my opinion, of course!
  7. WCDchee

    Thanks so much! Would you say then that theyre somewhat on par then mainly with tonal differences but the iems having better control for iems and rsa for full size? How about with regards to soundstaging and imaging (width height and depth) which amp do you think is better in this regard? :) thanks! :)
  8. fiascogarcia
    Exactly, tonal difference exists, but it's difficult to tell someone else which is better.  And yes, personally I listen with HD600  headphones and Fitear Parterre's primarily, and based on those phones I prefer the Pure II with the Fitear and the RSA with the Senn's.  I did listen to Chesky's test tracks and found them both to be fairly equal in soundstage, with the RSA being slightly wider and the Pure II better in height and depth. I don't think either of my phones are particularly stellar in the soundstaging dept. (iem goes without saying).  Keep in mind that my impressions could go out the window with different phones you may own.
  9. maricius
    Have you by any chance heard both with the Final Audio Design Heaven VI?? With my warmish sounding iPod 5.5g and also warm Cypher Labs Duet, I find the Heaven VIs to be too thick (great only for certain songs). Would you suggest either the Pico Slim or the Pure 2 for a clearer sound (still with the iPod)?
  10. CJs06
    So I've been looking for a portable amplifier to pair with my iBasso DX50 and while I initially was interested in ALO's offerings, the VorzAMP Pure II has jumped to the top of my list. Nathan's review on Headfonia has led me to look further here on head-fi for impressions, and I'm impressed with the amplifier's reception from the community. Now I just have to keep myself from impulsively buying it :p
  11. WCDchee

    Heyy, im surprised at your impressions of the heaven 6 because to my ears, if my memory serves me right, its a pretty lean sounding earphone. The slim has a tendency to be rather lean too and on that account i would pair it with the pure 2 rather than the slim :)
  12. maricius

    I guess we really do hear things differently. Lean for me would be the AKG k3003 and thick (especially in the bass) would be a Sennheiser IE800. These as well as my FADs are heard through my Duet and my DACport LX. The FADs would be somewhere in between. Thanks for the suggestion though!!
  13. shigzeo Contributor
    Perhaps one of you is sensitive to bass thickness, while the other considers thick/hot mids to be 'thick'. If we all heard that differently, there would be no point in any maker making anything for our ears. Or, in the visual world, for a red light to mean stop. 

    That is too subjective. Rather, our use of the language to express what we hear is different from person to person. I would agree that the heaven VI have hot mids/lower treble, but they are not a 'thick' earphone as usually 'thick' (as in dull-witted) is used. If they sound that way, it could be that you have bad fit with ear pieces that clog the output holes, or you have other issues that we don't know about.
  14. WCDchee

    I think you got it right there :) thickness to me comes from the lower mids while it seems to come in the bass for maricius. Which probably explains why he finds the ie800s thick, something i actually find thin but with a pronounced bass.
  15. Fabaaroan
    I just received my pure ii.
    A question to all owners
    I wondered what dap do you use with ?
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