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Vorzüge VorzAMP PURE II - review and impressions

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by shigzeo, Jan 6, 2014.
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  1. foshow
    @SilverEars, thanks for the info. [​IMG]
  2. dnnaudio
    After hearing the Pure II with my portable setup (ipod classic > clas db > iQube > Shure 846) I finally understood what this thread is about. This thing is indeed special. Compared to my aging but ever reliable iqube the Pure II is simply  more refined and more resolved - more real. I felt a bit of shortcoming in the bass compared to the iqube, but certainly not enough to detract from the otherwise exceptional performance. It's silky disposition in the mids also adds a seductive character to the 846, without diminishing its neutrality.
    I was ready to pull the trigger at the shop (in Jakarta Indonesia) except that I read in this thread about interference problem with early batches of Pure II. The thing has no serial number so difficult to check the batch. I use my iphone a lot for SMS and email while listening so I can't have this interfering with music. I have emailed Vorz and still awaiting response. Any advise appreciated.
  3. audiofrk
    What cable is that
  4. jorge8
    The interconnect? It's the Vorz cable that comes with the amp.
  5. audiofrk

    Cool thanks
  6. JohnFY
    Hi guys, just received my Pure II today, and have to say that I am not blown away by it. It is incredibly boomy, and I can't decide if the vocals (tested with Kate Bush, Bjork, Beth Orton) are veiled or recessed. I tried it with UM Merlin's, IE80's and Beyerdynamic T51p's , and is the same with them all.
    Is this a case of bad synergy or does the Pure need some serious burn-in?
    Even compared to the dark PHA-2's it is boomy, but more detailed. However, the Leckerton UHA-6S MKII is clearer in the bass, and 'more forward' with the vocals. Even my Fiio E12 sounds clearer and more forward.
    Now, there can't be anything wrong with the Pure; Germans don't do things wrong. Maybe I need more brain burn-in, but I am a little disappointed given so many of you have said 'WOW!', seemingly straight out of the box.
    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  7. jorge8
    A couple of days of intensive burn in will make it.
    I had the same 1st impression. After 2 days burn in it was sounding very good. 
    And it was not brain adjustment because I was using other amps meanwhile.
  8. JohnFY
    Thank you for your (speedy) reply. I was hoping that that was the case and some burn-in is going to make me 'Wow' it too. I am sure that I had to burn-in the Leckerton. If memory serves me, I wasn't too enamoured with that either, but that was after coming from the Fiio E12. Now I love it.
    I will sleep easier tonight knowing that I haven't made a big mistake buying the Pure II.
  9. ChrisSC
    @Dave74: can you compare the sq of the pico slim vs. the pure II?  I've had the slim for years and am thinking of an upgrade... is it worth it?
  10. WCDchee

    I have both i just made the switch :) i think they are very different amps altogether. The pico slim is a very very clean refined sounding amp, but it has a tendency to be a tad thin and cold to some. It us extremely clean and refined though. And mostly neutral. It is a tad coloured though. In terms of soundstage the pico slim does not have a particularly wide stage. It is decent, but not great. It does have great depth and height though, as well as imaging which gives it a very coherent soundstaging. It has a very nice airy tone too.

    The pure 2 is a very different sounding instrument. For a start, it has a fuller sound, and again almost completely neutral with a hint of warmth giving it a natural fullness without becoming overly bloated or thick. Soundstage wise it is the widest i have heard. It also has an excellent depth and height, again the best i have heard. Imaging and separation are once again too notch. It does lose out in the airiness though.

    Mind you the pico slim is no slouch in imaging and soundstage coherency, and separation. But it would not be honest of me not to admit that the pure 2 blows it away in that regard :)
  11. ChrisSC
  12. audiofrk
    is the pure 2 amp made with discrete components or opamps?  Though the website doesn't state I feel that the it is as silver opamps with gold plating sound like they'd be redundant and they do mention matching the resistors and capacitors.  Anyone know?
  13. SilverEars
    Not sure what this gold plating is for, but gold is not as conductive as silver or copper.  
    Carbon (graphene)1×10−8--0.0002[12]
    Annealed copper[note 2]1.72×10−85.80×1070.00393[16]
    Gold[note 3]2.44×10−84.10×107

  14. audiofrk

    yeah thats true.  The reason they use gold plating (if I remember my physical chemistry correct) is that due to its low oxidation state it will not interfere with the electric signal that is being run thru the silver circuitry.  So the electric signal runs thru the silver component on the board and the gold plating keeps the electricity from escaping to the surroundings, thus keeping high fidelity of signal.  Intel does something similar with its chips using a 3d channel construction to keep the signal fidelity high to improve efficiency and lower the number of cycles to complete a task.
    guess this is why I'm wondering whether or not this is a discrete amp because I am unaware/baffled by the existence of such expensive opamps.
  15. SilverEars
    That's pure bull.  If they want to keep it from escaping, no need for any type of coating or plating.  No electron will escape through the air.  There is a big difference between processor chips at a nano circuit level and amplifier.  For one, the amp's signal is significantly slower, and it's analog.  I think it's pure marketing, the gold plating.
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