Volume lower when amped versus unamped?
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Apr 9, 2009
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I just received my Corda 2MOVE today and while it greatly increased the SQ of my Triple.Fi 10s, it sounded lifeless and all around "poor" with any of my full-sized cans going through USB-to-Mac Flac or my iPod. My D5000s lost pretty much all thump when amped and I had to max out the volume to get them to a reasonable listening level. I also tested out my Sony MDR-F1s and the bass was non-existent (even though they aren't a very bassy phone to begin with). Is there something that I need to switch or change because I have heard portable amps can drive these low-impedance cans no problem
Do I need an external power supply or is the 9V battery sufficient?
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well thats odd; I think something might be up with your amp or possibly LOD if you are using one?? my D10 drives my woody recabled D2000 without any problem to quite acceptable volumes without killing the amp. i'm using the topkit though, which has more drive. Of course my Lisa does a better job, but the D3 should do a decent job of it on battery power
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if bass is non-existant on all phones, its something wrong to do with a cable-like component, or a joint. I've got some low low quality stuff lying around that is damaged (cables and adapters) that makes my 770/80s have zero bass (literally 0).
I think theres something wrong with it

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