Volume limiter?!

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by thegen, Dec 27, 2017.
  1. thegen
    Is there a good volume limiter for Windows 10 that you can count on? My headphone amplifier has no physical volume knob so I have to adjust it in Windows or Tidal. It's not the first time I've accidentally put the volume at maximum, which got my ears to bleed.
  2. theveterans
    Add a passive preamp between your source and amplifier. Schiit Sys will do just fine
  3. thegen
    Can't see how thats working with my Meridian Explorer 2. I forgot to mention my dac/amp
  4. theveterans
    Doesn’t Meridian have their own software where you can control the volume?
  5. thegen
    They do. But I dont think there is a volume limiter, it's more of the volume adjuster as in the windows tray.
  6. Music Alchemist
  7. umeng2002
    This is one reason why I still have a Sound Card - the DSP options. The Sound Blaster Z has an adjustable "smart volume" option.
  8. Anarion
    Super handy when watching (YouTube videos with poor mixing for example) stuff where the volume is all over the place (or just ridiculously low).

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