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Vmoda crossfade.

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by dyn4m1c95, Feb 3, 2011.
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  1. Dyn4m1c95
    For Sale
    I am selling my Vmoda crossfade. The Vmoda crossfade is in good condition with signs of wear (nothing big) both cables and the case are included this the the gunmetal black one. Amazon Payments or paypal now accepted.

    The vmoda's are $85 shipped.

    ps I am shipping from Queens, New York
  2. Dyn4m1c95
  3. Dyn4m1c95
  4. Dyn4m1c95
    pictures on request for serious buyers only.
  5. singnflip4life
  6. Dyn4m1c95
    pics added
  7. Dyn4m1c95
    paypal now accepted
  8. Dyn4m1c95
    price bump on vmoda crossfade.
  9. yAiTg
    hey im really interested in these hit me up with a pm asap
  10. nimbostruck14
    Im interested in this offer if it's still continuing.
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