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Vmoda Crossfade LP - LP2. Is the bass overloaded

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by fizzy157, Jan 20, 2012.
  1. fizzy157
    lately ive fell in love with vmoda crossfade lp and lp2.
    just wondering wether they have an overloaded bass or not, because i am not too much into heavy bass.
    they have detachable cable, they look good, they are resistant (as far as seen on net and youtube reviews).
    just missing the audio quality, concerning to the general sound quality and the degree of bass.
    also to know if they are worth the price required.
    and do they work good with rock, classical, blues and jazz music ?
  2. NA Blur
    I would not say that the bass is heavy, just elevated relative to the rest of the frequency response curve.  The reason I do not enjoy the LP2 is the giant dip in the mid range and severe trail off toward the treble.  It was very audible and made vocals and high hats seem very dim.  The impulse response shows a bit of ringing which my ear hears as a tinny sounding can.
    I really recommend the V-Moda Crossfade M80/V80.  These are much more involving and immersive headphones.  The drawback to the M80 is that it is an on-ear headphone.  It was quite comfortable and sealed well for such a design, but I would have liked to see this exact frequency response inside the LP2 can design.
    If you are looking for some bass the M80 will have more of that as well.  They M80 has a +4dB mid bass boost while the LP2 is more neutral.  If it were me I would not consider the LP2 at all, but if you like them go for it.
    Here are the charts for comparison:
  3. warubozu
    To my ears the bass out of LP2 sounded bloated, a bit too loose for my liking. Bass out of the LP2 seem to take front and center on the sound stage and overpower everything else. I prefer bass that is on the tight side with slam, I agree with NA Blur that the mids were also a bit recessed. Go for it if you like them and can get a brand new pair for under $75.
  4. RPGWiZaRD
    I wasn't either that impressed with LP2, I'd concider it about ~$70 worth of sound quality (barely any better than XB500 if at all). The biggest problem for me was the frequency response balance, the highs were too recessed and it was too uneven in the mids. My EQ settings to get it sound a lot better, from $70 to 120~$130 sound:
    Due to how much EQing it needs I can't justify the price for my needs. I absolutely loved the build quality, the feel, the looks etc though. Probably the strongest midbass around in any headphone though, these really POUND with drums and typical trance bass, slightly more than XB500 in midbass but loses slightly in subbass. The peak around 3.5kHz (well the graphs Tyll & V-Moda provides shows that) leads to the tonality of female vocals sounding inaccurate even if they are nicely present, EQing like above fixes the balance of the midrange and tonality sounds accurate of vocals again though.
    Not ideal for Jazz, rock can sound somewhat muffled but with the right EQ settings it's very suitable for rock. Classical, uuuummm no, again with above EQ setting it can handle any genre decently though but it's far from ideal for all genres.
  5. fizzy157
    yea. well for sure i wouldntt pay like 200 USD for a pair of headphones that look like good and doesnt have an expected sound quality (for my needs).
    i would also go for m-80 or v-80 but they are on-ear.
    would someone suggest a headphone that has detachable cable and fits for rock use along with blues and jazz at least ? im gonna use them with my ipod
  6. Pooopsicle
    I have a pair, and comparing the bass with an ultrasone pro 900, which I also own, its pretty moderate and probably wouldn't fit bassheads.
    However considering that your not looking for pure bass, I suggest maybe looking at Ultrasone's es series? I found their frequency distributions were more appealing to my ears, but thats only my opinion.:p just saying.
  7. yanks
    Recently purchased the Crossfade LP's at 79.00 at RadioShack and found them to be a fun well made headphone at that price.They are a good buy for 100.00 and certainly put some of the best bass out in that price range.  I listened to the Senn HD25 II's back to back with the Vmoda M80's and prefered the sound and bass(purchased 25's). 
  8. audio800
    is the LP2 worth $100 more than the regular LP? on amazon, (which both headphones got really good reviews) the LP is $100 and the LP2 is $199. What is the difference in sound quality? will it matter to me? I'm not an audiophile really, but I respect good sound quality. I listen to a little bit of everything, but mostly rock and alternative.
    PS) after I get whichever one, i'm planning to do an extensive review
  9. Scorpionrage
    I just ordered the V - MODA Crossfade LP. Waiting
  10. NYharmoniphile
    Hi Scorp -
    I'm asking myself the same question re the LP vs. LP2 -- I really don't think the 2's can be worth an extra $100...you mentioned back in January that you were going to purchase the LP's. So, how do you like them?
    **Currently, I'm using Etymotic HF5 in-ear monitors - which I love...but, I have a serious problem with tangling and breaking wires. Which is why I need a set of 'phones with detachable and rugged non-plastic cabling! Also, personally, I only find IEMs comfortable for a few hours before they somewhat bother my ears. I'm thinking that a supra-aural type 'phone will be more comfortable and reasonably sound-isolating.
  11. spinnin
    I purchased the LP from amazon. I lived with them for about a week and there was no reason I could find to justify them staying any longer.

    They are very good looking, but I felt they were all show and no go.

    The audio technica brand is getting rave reviews but I am hesitant to drop that much on another set of cans.

    I ordered the monoprice cans when CNET had them on special for less than $20. I'll give them a go when they get here.
  12. cardan
    I purchased the LP2's not that long ago. I ended up returning them to Amazon because I couldn't justify the price/sound-quality ratio. The bass wasn't as bassheady as people said it was, and the sound just wasn't satisfying compared to my Audio-Technica AD700's. Not worth their price tag imo.
  13. hernan2282
    thanks for your help,the eq improves my lp2 performance quite a lot now rock tracks sounds less drawned with bass
  14. Eguardos
    Sorry to revive an old dead thread, but im curious what i should get to replace my lp2. I found them a Touch to bassy and wanted a tad more clarity in the mids. I liked almost everything else about em tho, like the closed back but still wide soundstage, the rumble i got out of em (dont need that much, but i want it there) that i could drive them from my phone

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