Vista + X-Fi XtremeMusic + bitmatched playuback + analog out = popping/clicking
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Feb 6, 2007
I'm getting a sporatic popping/clicking while playing music in foobar. I've had this setup going for months now and there was no problems, but now I'm noticing an incredibly annoying popping that happens randomly. I've heard of this problem with vista, but I can't find any solution. Anyone know how to fix it? I think it started happening after installing new drivers. Should I roll them back?
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Anyone? I've heard it could be conflicting with my Linksys Wireless-G card. I havent heard any popping with my wireless adapter disabled... but I could only go 5 mins without internet
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What if you set X-Fi to output bit-perfect in X-Fi driver (the option for that is only in audio creation mode) instead of using Foobar? And play music in e.g. WMP?

If still in trouble check for conflicts:

Accessories >> System Tools >> System information.

Also: check out mobo manual for information if any of the PCI slots shares resources with NIC. Make sure sound card is not in THAT slot.

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