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Vision Ears and Rhines Custom Monitors (formerly Compact Monitors)

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  1. hAbIrAbI
    That link gives a 404 error. Same with the link from your homepage.
  2. Jalo
    That is one good review VE should pay you for such wonderful words. Highly enjoyed it. Yes VE’s tuning is very unique and that is why I asked above the wires used in my Erlkonig as I suppose the nice spc ofc copper (guessing) played a part in controlling the harshness of the BA drivers and contributing to the roundness of the tones.
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  3. Ultrainferno
    sorry, that was a temp issue
  4. vilhelm44
    How is the VE8 with classical and electronic music? Does it have a good subbass rumble? I currently have the A12ts but have the itch again after reading all the great reviews for VE8. Did think about the Elysium but then a few have mentioned there's not a lot of rumble down low.
  5. kendosperling
    I think VE8 has good subbass but alone from graphs A12t has more (around 5db).
  6. vilhelm44
    Thanks for that. Just wondering if the VE8 would be a next step up or a side grade. Maybe I should just appreciate my A12ts as they are very good.
  7. kendosperling
    I think A12t is technically very very good and everything else would be a sidegrade. I like the ve8 much better but for coherence and tonality and not resolution, stage size or some other technical term.
  8. vilhelm44
    Thought that might be the case. I guess when you get to that standard, it's down to your preference. Thanks again.
  9. vilhelm44
    Has anyone tried the VE8 with Cayin N8? Just wondering how this would saound opposed to WM1A with K mod, which is what I currently own.
  10. Barra
    Does anyone in the US want to hear the VE8 and the new ELYSIUM for themselves? After some begging and some pleading, VISION EARS is allowing me to host a US tour featuring the all-time crowd favorite the VE8 as well as its new ELYSIUM triple hybrid BA/DD/EST model. Having received the tour kit yesterday, I am now a VISION EARS true believer. These gems are at the top of the TOTL lists for a reason. If you are in the US and want to join my VISION EARS tour, please follow the link in my signature and sign up.
  11. mvvRAZ
    @Vision Ears what kind of use intensity is the Elysium designed to handle?

    I keep my ears very clean and I don't sweat much, but the hours that I'm pumping into it are pretty high, around 50 or 60 per week. I do maintain it very well though, it gets vacuumed and dehumidified daily
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  12. ceeloChamp
    So I am looking for another CIEM to compliment my A12t and I am pretty much certain that it is going to be the Elysium, has anyone here heard both and think that they will be enough different to be long time buddies in my IEM collection?
  13. steamboiled
    Ordered Elysium from a local store a couple of weeks back. Yesterday I received an order overview email from Vision-Ears. Does anyone know which stage is this currently at their development cycle?
  14. Barra
    I love my A12t, it has been my on the go partner for a long time. The ELYSIUM is very different in signature. It has extraordinary lush mids driven by that dynamic driver that are almost liquid in their euphonics. Everything in the signature seems larger and closer with an incredibly nature and full-sized voice experience. The level of detail is out of this world. The ELYSIUM makes the a12t feel v-shaped and distant in comparison. This is not a cut on the A12 as it is an awesome monitor, it is just that the ELYSIUM is the best at what it does.

    So you can say that the ELYSIUM is mid centric vs. the a12 being move v-shaped for a very different listening experience. However, that doesn't take into account the dynamic driver which rocks and the 2xEST which is the top dog for the treble experience as far as I am concerned. I am listening now to the universal ELYSIUM from the US tour kit in my signature but have a custom version on its way to compare this next week. I am expecting the custom ELYSIUM to be an even better experience based on what I am hearing now. :)
  15. mvvRAZ
    I think you’re in for a treat, I found the universal Elysium to be very good, but the custom was the first time that I listened to an IEM and thought to myself, this could comfortably be the last earphone I buy
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