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Vision Ear V 6 Custom IEM thread

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  1. rudi0504
    Hi Head Fi friends

    I would like to Share The most expensive Custom IEM In The World. To date

    Please read more info below :

    Experience your music like never before!

    6 balanced armature drivers
    4-Way Crossover
    outstanding separation in the stereofield
    optional switch function

    Our VE6 is available in two differently sounding versions.

    X1: Full and precise low-end, incredibly present mids and detailed highs

    X2: Clear and seperated sound with precise low-end, finely tuned mids and detailed highs

    Xcontrol: by using a little switch – placed on the faceplate of the in-ear – you can switch between X1 and X2


    VE6 X1: 1499 EUR*
    VE6 X2: 1499 EUR*
    VE6 Xcontrol: 1899 EUR*

    *including 19% german VAT

    The VE6 Xcontrol is not possible to order with an Ambience System. The switch is a high performance component that is able to last minimum 50.000 clicks and has passed through environmental tests which include damp heat, artificial sweat test, temperature cycle (hot to cold to hot etc). We give an extended guarantee of 3 years on this component.

    My Best Friend just Bought This iem

    Below is the impression from Vision Ear V 6 With X Control :

    Smooth , thicker mid , spacious staging and nonfatiguing treble , but still very resolving detail and
    Super clean sounding iem to date

    X Control function :
    With the small toggle switch, We can adjust The Crossover to have 2 different sound character
    Like we have 2 iems In 1 housing

    It is briliant design


    Please Share Your opinion and impression Here

    Thank you

  2. TheMiddleSky
    Amazing ciem indeed, in some ways I like this one better than the mighty roxanne
  3. rudi0504

    Maybe i Cancel My Roxanne In full Carbon fiber and change to Vision Ear V6 X Control
    Because i am waiting already 9 Month and already 2 times Made Ear impression , still i Dont Know when
    My Roxanne would Be Ready .hahaha :D
    I decided This week to Cancel My Roxanne CIEM In full black Carbon , it has No Lust anymore to own jh Roxanne IMO
  4. Ivabign
    Sounds interesting but based on the description, I am still unclear as to what the difference is between the two signatures - the verbiage describing them seems quite similar. Perhaps if there was a description of x-over points and what is actually switched, it could be clearer. Maybe it is just me who is at sea....
  5. TheMiddleSky
    You sure? just ask Leo om, roxanne is still has some pros compare to V6 hehe
    a little info about x-over, with the first switch (switch up), the sound become more intimate, narrower soundstage, smaller and tighter bass, the treble area is almost no change but it feels a bit more airy due the less bass effect. 
    When we switch down the x-control, the soundstage become significantly expand, also bass body has more bodied and impact.Vocal now seems a little bit moving back, but still very prominent and not recessed at all.
  6. rudi0504

    Thank you Nico and below as open Message to JH Audio , because They reply My email Only once
    I Hope Jerry Or Angie his marketing manager read My complain about very slow produce My jh Roxanne In full black Carbon
    And can deliver to Me next Month ( is already 10 Month )
  7. Ivabign
    Thank you for the clarification - correct me if I'm wrong, but each of the versions (X1 & X2) utilize the same 6 drivers, but what is being switched is the x-over points. Very clever - no waste.
  8. Kunlun
    Seems like an interesting option.
  9. warrior1975
    Yes, definitely looks interesting. I like the look too. I personally wouldn't need the switch, I don't think... we need more reviews though. Come on Rudi!!!
  10. AegisYeo
    Let me introduce you to my Vision Ears VE6Xcontrol, aka VE6XC. The photos were taken by my friend (hence he watermarked the photos with his company's logo), who helped me to ship my ear impressions over to VE as I don't have a card. The VE6XC consists of two settings, X1 (switch down) and X2 (switch up). X1 provides a wider sound staging with deeper bass and depth while X2 reduces the sound staging a bit in order to increase detailing and separation( reducing the amount of bass a little bit).
    Overall, I am very pleased with the ordering process which including shipping up and down, took about 4 weeks. I corresponded with Amin Karimpour, the managing director of Vision Ears. He helped me to design my unit based on a rough guideline I gave him. He was very understanding and kept me up to date regarding my unit (and added something special to the unit although it is not commercially available). Unit is still pretty new but you guys can ask me anything regarding it?:)
  11. warrior1975
    Beautiful design... do you have any other IEMS you could compare them with?
  12. AegisYeo

    I have a 1964ears V6 stage and a Rooth LSX. Also can get access to the full range of 1964ears, noble, vision ears, rhines, rooth, um, hidition, ue and aaw demo units. Just depends when I go down to their respective dealers.
  13. warrior1975
    Very nice, definitely looking forward to any comparisons you can share.
  14. AegisYeo

    Well then I'll need some time first. But hard to compare it with other ciems in terms of pricing....unless I go down to Jaben to try the Fitear iems they have there. Otherwise, I will start off with kaiser10 from Noble in a few days
  15. warrior1975
    Thanks, I appreciate it. Pricing...It's through the roof and as I quickly learned, the differences in sound will be more of signature not quality. I am holding hope that maybe, at this price point, I'd be wowed by improvement. I doubt it, but you never know.
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