Virtual Mode Clear Power AC Conditioners
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Jul 1, 2003
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Virtual Mode Clear Power 1 AC power filter/conditioner w/IEC socket and detachable 2 ft. Clear Power AC power cord (made w/solid core, silver-coated copper conductors). Also provides non-MOV surge protection. For single component (ideally, a digital source, i.e. CD, DVD, SACD, etc. player). 8/10 condition. List: $195, Sell: $80/shipped ConUS.

Virtual Mode Clear Power 2 AC power filter/conditioner w/1ft. hard-wired Clear Power AC power cord, has a two-stage, "soft-start" switch, for single component: great for tubed (1st stage of the switch can get/keep your tube heaters warmed up) or SS amps. Like the Clear Power 1, it also provides non-MOV surge protection. List $235, Sell: $95/shipped ConUS.

I used these in a minimalist system (source + headphone amp), and they worked very well. System changes have freed these units up for sale.

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