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Violectric V800 DAC - SOLD

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  1. rennwerkes
    For Sale
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    •   United States
    Best offer:
    This V800 hasn't been getting much use since I purchased a Hugo TT. I have the original box and contents. In very nice condition as you can see from the pics. The feet are colored gold. Let me know if you have any questions. I'm having trouble uploading pics since I started using a new camera. I think the images are too large. Just pm me and I can send out pics via email. Thanks!
  2. rennwerkes
  3. rennwerkes
    DSC00073.JPG DSC00074.JPG DSC00075.JPG DSC00076.JPG DSC00077.JPG DSC00078.JPG DSC00079.JPG DSC00080.JPG
  4. rennwerkes
    Bump for price reduction and pics
  5. rennwerkes
    Bump for another price reduction.
  6. rennwerkes
    Sold pending receipt of funds
  7. rennwerkes
    Unsold due to buyer going back on his word.
    Still for sale.
    Lowered price a bit also.
  8. rennwerkes
  9. rennwerkes
  10. rennwerkes
    Bump for another price reduction
  11. rennwerkes
    Bump for final price drop
  12. djnoctis
  13. PointyFox
    I'd buy it but I already bought one :)
  14. rennwerkes
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