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Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by fegefeuer, Feb 12, 2014.
  1. shapeshifter44
    For HD800S, how is V281 compared to WA5LE? Thanks.
  2. 13713
    At this point you are comparing apples and oranges. SS and Tubes are very different beasts. Have you listened to the WA5LE? What components are in it? Is it upgraded?
  3. shapeshifter44
    I only have WA22. Want to buy either V281 or WA5LE as my next amp.
  4. 13713
    Have you listened to a V281 I mean honestly I cannot recommend blind purchases in this price range without an audition or a great return policy. The WA5LE is pure magic and I personally own a V281/V850 stack. With that said my bias of course is with the V281 as I purchased it and have used it since late 2015. It is paired with HD-800 connected with a Forza balanced cable. I enjoy my setup a lot and would recommend it to anyone but I really do suggest an audition with the equipment before purchase. The amps you mentioned are in completely different price ranges as well... What is your end goal? What are you looking for? Is this a transition to something greater or are you keeping it? What other headphones will you be using with the setup?
  5. 13713
    double post.
  6. Badas
    It was far too long ago to comment now.

    At the time I liked the V281 better. However the WA5 was fitted with what I call lean tubes. A little on the dry side.
    I might have liked the WA5 better with different tubes.
  7. attmci
    nice to see u still around.

    u move to a WA5?
  8. shapeshifter44
    I use HD800S only and I listen to classical music only (symphony and piano). I found that I am very lazy about finding quality tubes (with reasonable price) for my WA22 currently. I don't want to spend much on tubes for WA22 because I think even with awesome tubes, WA22 still cannot be as good as WA5LE. So, for now, I am deciding either take V281 as my final amp and stop spending time/money searching tubes or take WA5LE as my final amp and then spend more money on tubes in the future.
  9. Badas
    Still around. Read all the time and comment less.

    I still have WA22 and V281.
    I really like the V281 as a pre-amp to the WA22.
    It sounds cleaner, smoother and warmer.

    V281 by itself is stunning.
  10. shapeshifter44
    Thanks. I guess I may only keep one due to economic condition.
  11. phase0
    If I could only have one amp, I'd take the V281. I'm not the best to comment on the HD800 as I never owned them. I never really liked them anyways. I just got the Abyss Phi today. From my vague memory I'd say ditch the HD800 immediately and buy an Abyss right now.

    The V281 all the amp you need. I love the WA5 but for the amount of money you need to spend (factor in need to upgrade tubes and experiment a bit to find what you like), it's not an economically efficient solution. You also get press the "on" button and a couple seconds later you're ready to go w/ the V281. Tube amps need a little time to warm up. If you are crazy or rich enough (I think I fall into crazy camp), a good tube system is a beautiful thing to have at the ready.
  12. Badas

    Yeah. If I had one amp it would be the V281. So close to a tube amp sound without the tube hassle.
  13. gonzfi
    Some help if possible.... I have a line out function from my dell monitor which I use straight to the rca inputs of my v281. In turn the v281 is a pre amp to my power amp which has no volume control. The volume seems to be set incredibly high when using the amp despite the volume on the v281 being set to zero and I cannot change it. It is zero when using headphones strangely and I can then increase the volume as I see fit. Any idea how I can control the volume through the power amp?
  14. PleasantSounds
    check the PRE-POST FADER or FIXED-VARIABLE section in the manual, page 21
  15. gonzfi
    Thanks all now sorted.

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