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Violectric HPA V280 - balanced headphone amp - impressions and discussion thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by fegefeuer, Mar 29, 2016.
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  1. Fegefeuer
    The Violectric V280
    The Violectric V280 is the slimmer brother of the V281 and aimed at all those that do not need the extra features of the V281 package but still want a powerful balanced headphone amp.

    - Balanced inputs with gold-plated Neutrik XLR connectors
    - Unbalanced inputs with gold-plated ALPS RCA connectors
    - switchable unbalanced outputs with RCA connectors
    - Digital input as an option, coaxial, optical, USB, up to 192 kHz
    - PRE-GAIN = switchable input gain in five steps
    - Independent-channel design
    - DC-coupled (switchable)
    - ALPS RK27 High-Grade volume control
    - High-Quality op-amps in the signal path
    - High-quality MKP capacitors in the signal path
    - 0.1 and 1% metal film resistors throughout the unit
    - 4 amplifiers with famous V200 technology
    - 1 balanced headphone output, Neutrik 4-pin, gold plated
    - 2 silver-plated Neutrik headphone outputs
    - Relay-based headphone output cut-off
    - Dual Toroidal transformer
    - Large filtering capacitors in the power supply
    - Switchable ground lift
    - Rugged aluminium case with Nextel coating
    - Solid, laser-engraved aluminium front panel

    The HPA V280 is equipped with internal filters to prevent damage to the connected headphones due to high-frequency overload beyond the audible range.
  2. ToroFiestaSol
    Which will be the price? (€)
  3. Fegefeuer
    1176€ without tax, else 1400€
  4. stvn758
    Was hoping the price would be more in line with the previous one, this will be about £1100.  
  5. DRSC
    Is it available yet ?
  6. plakat
    Oh, tempting... looks sleek. Would be nice to have a look inside... I guess Fried might have one with him to the show in Munich.
  7. Poladise
    So is this supposed to be the same sound quality as V281, just less functions? or is this 2x v200 tech compared to the V281 with 2x v220 tech?
  8. stvn758
    Is this the replacement for the HPA V181 mentioned in their thread or just a cut down of the V281?
    Maybe some hope of a balanced amp around the five hundred pounds mark yet.
  9. plakat

    You may want to take a look at the Fostex HP-A4BL, but balanced in and of itself is not anything that magically makes anything better. Especially when considering budget you're most likely better off with single-ended amps.
  10. stvn758
    Thanks, I'll  have a look at that. It's for my HD800's, so choice is pretty limited from what I read on here. 
  11. plakat

    The V200 is an excellent choice for that, maybe look out for a used one. The slightly warm touch of the Violectric amps pairs well with the HD800
  12. FredrikT92
    Is it as warm as Woo amps? 
  13. plakat

    While the V200 has a slightly warm touch, I can't compare to any Woo amp since I've never heard one...
  14. Fegefeuer
    updated with new photos and added the manual 
  15. stvn758
    Op-amps, good or bad?
    What's their purpose, saw a little controversy about their previous amp having them albeit for non-sound functions. Here we have high quality op-amps.
    I have seen other amps make a point of stating they have no op-amps in the signal path. 
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