Violectric Audio DAC V850 for sale

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  1. Todd R Contributor
    For Sale
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    •   United States
    Amp is sold, DAC is still available.

    Violectric V850 top of the line DAC.
    1 year old, 4 years left on the warranty.

    Selling to reclaim some desk space and simplify my system. I prefer to sell both of these items together, but would sell separate if I have to @ $1050 each + shipping.

    I would also be willing to sell a pair of balanced interconnects and a top quality USB cable that were used with these.
    Shipping is free in the continental US if my asking price is met and you buy both items.

    20180822_192506.jpg 20180822_192524.jpg 20180822_192530.jpg
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  2. Todd R Contributor
  3. Todd R Contributor
    Still available

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