Vintage Quadraflex 40A headphones - any info appreciated.
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Jul 2, 2009
I have bought a beautiful looking Quadraflex headphone. Here is a photo of what they look like (not the ones I have bought) from the site Vintage Headphones.
That site has pictures, but no info. I have googled Quadraflex and found info that it was a 'house brand of Pacific stereo' a US chain store. But the seller believes they are Japanese from the 1970s and going by descriptions of the US Quadraflex headphones, these are not the same.
Has anyone got any ideas, links to info or knowledge? Whatever they turn out to be, I think they look stunning and are like the Pioneer SE-L40.
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Are they just rebranded Pioneer L40s?  The resemblance is pretty uncanny.
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I don't think so. I had a look on ebay for Quadraflex and they are Made in Japan, but I think they may have been made for the US market, hence the tie in with Pacific. Other Quadraflex headphones look a bit like Pioneers and Sonys from the 1970s. There was a lot of copying/re-branding going on, for example the Panasonic EAH500 look identical to headphones Technics produced.
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Havent heard of this model either, but there's a blog with tons on vintage cans images...including the quadraflex, check it:

Thanks for that, Vintage Headphones is where I got the photo in first post from. It is a photoblog with little to no actual information. At the moment, beause of finding Quadraflex headphones on the US ebay site which look like the Pioneer SE205/305 and SE2, I am going with there is a connection between the two. I think that connection is that Pioneer made headphones to be sold by Pacific shops in the US.
The hunt goes on to find out if that is really the case.
EDIT - found this the Quadraflex Q-45 at Oaktree Audio

...which looks like the Pioneer SE700.....

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They finally arrived after various problems with the seller. Sadly they are a bit damaged on the cones where the mesh is pushed in a bit. The sound is lush and very condensed into a tiny sound stage, but it also manages to be lively and rhythmic. They are very comfortable indeed with the thick pads, wide band and light weight.
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Nice cans Buddy, they look solid...but im not sure about the comfort.. are they? 
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Thanks. They are comfortable, the pads are large and soft as is the headband. I am finding sound wise vocals are supreme, there is something very realistic about the way they are conveyed.
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Thread bump, just to see if any US west coasters remember Pacific Stereo and the Quadraflex range.


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