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Vintage Pioneer thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by ourfpshero, Oct 26, 2009.
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  1. Deep Funk
    They are for sale, and ad will follow...
  2. AnAnalogSpirit
  3. Fiat95
    Im definitely interested in a pair of Monitor 10s for the right price...
    An update on the SE-205 RestoMod progress:  i installed a female 3.5 jack in the left earcup to make theheadphones adapt to a detachable cable.  I havent seen anyone else ever do something like this to the 205.  the next thing is new pads... i suppose ill just have to kitbash something together for those... Cheers [​IMG]
  4. PeterK53
    I forgot that I have a pair of original Monitor 10s in the closet. Haven't used them in many years. Got me all curious now to compare to my LCD-2s!! :)
  5. Mr calvin
    These things are beautiful! I thought they sounded poor at first but when plugged into my vintage pioneer stereo, they sounded wonderful! They sound really good on jazz type music and suprisingly the new daft punk album. Even in the low quality! Cant wait to hear these on the daft punk album analog recorded in FLAC. AHH it will be great!
  6. Justlearnin
    I have a pair of SE-50s that I inherited from my Dad who bought them new when I was a kid.  They still sound great but the cord is breaking down and sound cuts in and out if you move your head.  Considered taking them to someone for repair but don't really want to spend money right now.  What are the chances of a newby being able to rewire this? Any advice? 
  7. thaddeussmith
    New to soldering, or new to rewiring headphones? If you're new to soldering, I wouldn't risk damaging the drivers. If you're good at soldering, however, just dismantle everything slowly and methodically and you'll be fine.
    Justlearnin likes this.
  8. Deep Funk
    The old Monitor 10s blow away many headphones in sound quality. An amplifier will help though...
  9. Pedro Keil
    I currently own a  Pioneer SE-L40 and they sond and look great, just a little muffled and uncomfortable[​IMG]
  10. Skullophile
    I love the big soundstage of my monitor 10's. Going to have to try se-4..
  11. Southern Cross
    Well, since there are a lot of Pioneer craze going on here, I guess maybe you guys can help me. I've found in our local e-bay-ish site a pair of Pioneer SE-M250. It looks fairly vintage, probably from the eighties. Not as gorgeous of some of the stuff you posted, but still worth a look, I think, at least because of its rarity. Here is a pic so you can spot it:

    Are them any good? worth buying? Price is good but I'm kinda broke, so any input will be highly welcome.
  12. Teska
    Hi, as I own a '85 or '86 Pioneer SE650 headphone I think I'm entiteled to be here. When I got it I was about 16 years old and it was the best headphone I'd ever heard. Loved it and used it for many years untill I upgraded to a Sony in '94. But enough talk, here are some pics:
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  13. moriez
    Today I was looking and hoping for a headphone bargain and found the Pioneers standing out from the rest presentation wise. Did not waste much time and got three of them: SE-20A, SE-205 and SE-305. Some photo's will follow.
  14. moriez
    Really like the looks of the SE-305. Found out that it's very likely my uncle who had one when i was a kid so that kind of explains the love. Soundwise, whatever :wink: If there's interest you can get the 20A and 305 for a small compensation (as I did not get them for free).
    Coconut pics:
  15. GREQ
    I got an SE-450 today but it's missing the inner headband. 
    Does anyone know where I can get one of these cheaply? I've found a few of these extortionate 'spare part' online shops, where it's going for over $20 - which is usually more than the cost of the whole headphone 2nd hand.
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