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vintage koss phones any good?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by goober-george, Nov 9, 2007.
  1. goober-george
  2. Duggeh
    I'd bet my bottom dollar that the KSC75 sounds better.
  3. wualta Contributor
    The sp3xc is a direct descendant of their original 1958 model. It dates to the mid-'60s and is in no way of any more than historical interest. They sound a bit better than a 1965 clock radio, but hey, they're stereo! That was a big thing back then.
  4. ericj
    In general, vintage koss doesn't sound very good by modern standards.

    Some of the HV and TDS series are interesting, if unrefined, if you can get them under $20 shipped.
  5. thrillmetoo Contributor

    Originally Posted by Duggeh /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    I'd bet my bottom dollar that the KSC75 sounds better.

    That's too easy.
    Koss were below mediocre. They looked and sounded cheap. By today's standards they are just bad.
  6. DkossZoSo
    Good soud Koss are 1971 - 1980 Pro models - PRO 4AA and PRO 4AAA. The AAA is best.
  7. 5370H55V
    This thread was from 5 years ago...[​IMG]
  8. DkossZoSo
    Yes, I am slowpoke, bro![​IMG]
  9. enginepartsguy
    I know this is a way old thread. I just received a pair of the SP3XC They look like they were made yesterday, box and all. The guy that got them from on eBay got them from an estate sale. Looks like they were purchased and never used. These were made betwen 62 and 64 I believe. These have never been burned in so I was pleasntly surprised when I tried them out, I am breaking them in now. Listening to Joe Walsh on the 50 years of the Fender Stratocaster, a television special on the old Paladium TV channel. These things do not sound that bad and are fairly comfortable. I am impressed. I never listened to these back in the day. These are the second version of these cans. The first version had a rather thick straight cord, the "C" version had a coiled cord, the first version had these weird composit ear pads, these have a more conventional pad design. To the guy from the Netherlands that said Koss headphones are just bad, obviously had never listened to any of the premium Koss cans. Enginepartsguy
  10. Planner
    That sounds interesting. Sometimes, I found out some vintage Sony earbuds in my house which were made from the time I wasn't even born. Interestingly, it was totally blowing my mind with its really impressive and decent sound. "Vintage" doesn't frequently mean to be worse than "Modern". 
  11. enginepartsguy
    Actually I found out these were made until 1967. These headphones are 50 years old, the packaging, as well as the headphones,look like they were purchased yesterday. I don't know how these were preserved so well. I am really baffled by this. This is just amazing preservation. There was a receipt in the box. The date does not have a year just the month and day, 2/22, the price was $10.99 + ¢77 tax. The business was Hamptons in New York City. They were a hardware and electronics store, TVs, lawnmowers, radios, refrigerator's. Sort of like a Western Auto without the auto.
  12. enginepartsguy
    Wualta and thrillmetoo need to listen to the SP3XC that I got.
    You two may have listened to the first edition of the SP3X. The ones I have are the C edition and sound pretty good. I kind of get the idea that you two guys are audio file snobs. If the cans don't cost three four five hundred
  13. enginepartsguy
    or more the they are junk.

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