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Vintage Handheld Video Game -fi

  1. Palpatine
    I have 80 of these puppies spanning '76-84.
    It used to be a hobby of mine. I haven't bought one in over two years. It's a neat hobby because these things have a definate start year ( 1976 with Mattel's Auto Race, the first fully electronic game ), so it is easy to collect.
    Most of these are purchased from ebay.
    Handheldmuseum is a great site for more info on these fun games from the past.
  2. jononku
    I was into collecting these a few years back until I became obsessed with other distractions, including speakers and heaphones to name a couple.  I managed to get a handful from garage sales, but quite a few came from ebay.  I actually submitted some pics and info to the handheldmuseum site for some stuff he did not have.  Most of my stuff is now in storage but I think I ended up with about 20 to 30 games.  I started with the stuff I remembered owning as a kid in the late 70s and early 80s, and than branched out from there to get all the one I remembered wanting but never got.
    I've got all the coleco mini arcade ones which are very collectable.  Some other favorites of mine are digital derby, space invaders, battlestar galactica, fantastic freddie, merlin, and coleco head to head baseball.  Although not a handheld, I also picked up an armatron; way too much fun.
    Man, now I feel like digging them all out again.
  3. melomaniac Contributor
    anyone considering a new home for their collections should please contact either the Library of Congress (their special collections are only recently waking up to the need to collect, and they are basically limited to eBay just like the rest of us - contact Mark Dimunation, Chief, Rare Book and Special Collections Division, LoC), or their local university - they have also started collecting. I know here in California both the Santa Cruz and the San Diego campus want to have your vintage gaming gear!

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