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Vintage DT48e 25ohms

  1. kool bubba ice
    This pair is likely from the 80's, has some wear on them.. The Beyer logo, & ohms is gone from the cups.. The cups are now just black.. The prior owner tied the cables with plastic ties to be less obtrusive.. They can easily be taken off.. The headphones are dual entry. One of the pads had a tear so I replaced it with a new pad.. I will include the other new pad.. I paid 125.00 for them, & that's what I'm selling them for.. Plus 15.00 for shipping.. This includes PP fees.. I seldom sell my DT48 headphones, but having up to 10 is by all accounts a bit much.. But, I doubt I will sell anymore, unless the HD800/LCD2 really blow me away. No low ball offers. Very fair price. I'm not making a profit.
    You can see the black cups here.. Just check the pics
  2. lejaz
    PM sent
  3. joelpearce
    That's a crazy good deal.
  4. lejaz
    Payment sent! Been dieing to hear these phones.
  5. kool bubba ice

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