Vincent Spark II - Possible K1000 amp
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Jun 2, 2006
I went in to a local dealer at lunch today and noticed a small amp they were trying out with some big speakers and sounding pretty decent for their $160-170 price tag at least. The name of the amp is Vincent Spark II and is 30W at 8ohm. Although the word tube is mentioned on the amp I guess thats more a description of the shape of the amp rather than it being a tube amp. Guess its a solid state amp.

My first thought was that it might work with a pair of AKG K1000. I will probably bring my K1000 over there next week to try them out, but I am wondering if anybody has tried it or heard of the amp? Has anyone seen it before?

There is no information on the amp at Vincent Audios home page. The only info I can find is this:
Vincent Spark II


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