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Vincent KHV-1pre hybrid, impressions

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by aaron_, Jun 14, 2009.
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  1. lordearl
    yep - i just put a review up in the headphone amplifier and computer forums, have a read if you like.

    re tubes, going for siemens e83cc I think. will post some impressions eventually.
  2. tomk
    Good Evening lordearl,

    Thanks for the tip on the tubes. Will seek out a pair myself. Purchased the Stello CDT 100 and DA 100 Signature, arrived two days ago. Ordered a Kimber Silver USB cable. Have not had time to remove the Stello units from the box yet. Will do so tomorrow. Sure have high hopes for both units. Saving for Shunyata power cords. Using a Hydra 4 at the moment.

    Will attempt a short review after a month of use. Difficult, I have owned only minor amounts of equipment. Comparisons are not possible.

  3. lordearl
    anyone made further headway on purpose of the opamp OPA2604? i assume the tubes are the buffer stage and the opamp does the output...surely an upgrade to the opamp would make a vast improvement.....if that is possible [​IMG]
  4. Ozer
    Would a pair of "Mullard 12AX7/ECC83" tubes be a good choose for the Vincent if I like warm sound and not to bright sound ?? I use Sennheiser HD650 BTW. I don't own the Vincent (yet at least), but if a tube upgrade can make it better I might buy it....
  5. lordearl
    in my opinion the sound is 9.5/10 without tube upgrades and 9.7/10 with them, so don't spend too much !
  6. aaron_
    I fully agree. With the Sennheiser HD650s, the KHV-1 is a perfect match, delivering the sound signature, you seem to look for!

    In fact, I can't think of what could be improved with this setup, so I'll most likely buy the stock chinese tubes in case a replacement is needed.

    Instead of buying optional tubes, I'd rather recommend upgrading the soundcard (perhaps with an external DAC) going by your signature!
  7. tomk
    Good Evening Lordearl and Aaron,

    Has anyone upgraded the stock power cord? I am plugged into a Shunyata Hydra 4 using the stock power cord. I am fixing to purchase a new CX Series cord from Shunyata.

    Your thoughts?
  8. lordearl
    Hey TomK – yes, I do have an upgraded Analog Research power cord, but haven’t plugged it in yet.
    I will try tonight and post my findings.

    What differences did you hear when you upgraded the stock cable?
  9. tomk
    Howdy Lordearl,

    Best Wishes for 2010. From the wall I am using a Shunyata Python 20 amp power cord, which feeds the Hydra 4. Stock cords to the two source components and the Vincent KHV-1pre. My understanding is the Hydra works best with all power cords upgraded. May pull the trigger on three cords, especially if I can find some used CX series cords. Reluctant to part with cash for power cords. Will be interested to hear of your experience with an upgraded power cord.
  10. rasmushorn
    I have been thinking of getting a KHV-1 again. I remember it being great with HD650. Do any of you who have the KHV-1 also use any other headphone than HD650 with it? And what is your experience? Are there any other headphone with as great synergy?
  11. lordearl
    i use it with K701 - needed to get a different tube in there to refine the sound (used to hearing as much detail as possible with these cans), but it sounds great to my ears.

    Rasmus, what are you using with your K701s?
  12. rasmushorn
    I do not have my K701 anymore since I sold them. But when I had them I absolutely prefered TUBE amps only. I had a fantastic DIY tubeamp which was very close to and in some ways better than the Rudistor RP7. IT was a perfect match with the K701. I never found a solidstate amplifier which could drive the K701 to their full potential and make them sing like they really can. I can imagine that the KHV-1 is doing a great job with the K701. I would love to hear that combination.
  13. lordearl

    Well after a few small DIY projects and getting myself acquainted with soldering/desoldering I have now upgraded the opamp in my KHV-1!

    It was not easy and took a number of hours. The chip is in a really awkward position. I've got to get some sleep as I'm knackered after the "operation" - but I've attached one photo of the Burson Audio discrete dual opamp which sits where the OPA2604 used to be [​IMG]

    One word of warning, the pins on the Burson are too thick for the holes in the PCB, so I needed to drill small holes in the pcb to make the existing holes wider, and hence the goddam traces fell apart, so the soldering took AGES. But it is working, going to burn it in overnight so haven't tried the K701s to hear the sound yet......

    Watch this space!
  14. tomk
    Good Evening Lordearl,

    You have far more courage than myself. I am the original mechanical idiot. Keep us posted on how the mods are performing.
  15. rasmushorn

    Which OPamp did you try?
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