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Vienna head-fi meet November 3rd 2018

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  1. daijobudes
    Would be Joining you for the first time, hope u guys are friendly:beerchug::gs1000smile:
  2. plakat
    Welcome! Friendly... at least we try. Most of the time.
    No, in all honesty I think all our events so far were great and all attendants enjoyed their stay.
  3. rkvfather
    is there a list of exhibitors and where can I register as exhibitor ?
  4. plakat
    We don't organize the event around an exhibition, but as a community event. That means, its more or less free-form, with tables provided by our host (TU Vienna) and everyone picking a place upon arrival.

    We welcome commercial participants (and had many guests directly involved with headphone and/or electronics development, distribution or sales), only that we don't want banners or other optically dominant marketing material put up. Flyers, product folders etc are OK of course as long as facilities are kept clean and tidy.

    So you're more than welcome to attend our event. There's no registration required and no costs incurred. We'd like to ask you one thing though: please bring some drinks along, be it your favorite whisky/vodka/beer or a local speciality. This does not mean substantial quantities, its more about a sample to have a drink together with other participants and maybe a communication starter.

    Looking forward to meet you there! In case of any questions feel free to PM me.
  5. Kornasteniker
    "Whisky, the communication starter for all awkward situations." Could be a commercial slogan xD

    I hope the new A&K SE100 can make it in time to me so that I'm able to bring it with me at our meet with a new firmware for streaming capability :)

    Until next week!
  6. plakat
    I once saw an ad for beer that went something like "Beer -- helping ugly people have s.x since 1820". I don't remember the brand unfortunately...
  7. SylvesterH
    Are we able to buy drink there or should we bring it along with us?
  8. plakat
    As usual basic drinks will be available from the local student organization at nominal costs (beer, Coke and Frucade most probably). There’s of course tap water available, but feel free to bring along what fits you best in case you want something else.
  9. ampair
    "Remember, remember, the meet in November..."

    looking forward to seeing all of you again :k701smile:

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  10. HirschiAUT
    Only 3 days left WOOHOO! :-D

    Two things i want to mention for all the other participants of the meet.

    1) If you want to try the Audeze Mobius virtual surround i recommend that you take the necessary head-measurements at home and safe the values to use at the meet.
    This will save a lot of time and optimize the experience!
    Here is a guide on how to take the needed measurements.

    2) I will not bring any spirits, but i just rubbed and vacuumed some turkey-pastrami that will be smoked tomorrow and brought to the meet with some (good) Butter and fresh bread.
    After all we need something to soak up all the alcohol, right? :wink:

    See you saturday!
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2018
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  11. HifiFLEX
    Hi, mal eine ernstgemeinte Frage. Erreicht man hier in einem US Forum wirklich Leute aus Österreich? Klar kann heute (fast) jeder Englisch, es gibt aber doch keine richtige online Reichweite hinein in deutschsprachig online Welten :wink:
    Denke da an [​IMG] oder das open-end-music oder Hifi forum. Grüße von einem leider nicht Englisch sprechendem mitt 70er.
  12. plakat
    Hallo @HifiFLEX
    Ja, hier finden sich durchaus Leute aus Österreich. Einige unserer Teilnehmer tragen das natürlich auch in andere Foren, trotzdem haben sich hier ausreichend Interessenten gefunden: die Treffen laufen bereits seit Jahren, und wurden anfangs nur hier besprochen.
    Wir freuen uns natürlich über Ankündigungen in anderen Foren, ich persönlich konzentriere mich allerdings auf head-fi.
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  13. FritzS
    I had posted it here too
  14. FritzS
    Wenn Du dort einen Account hast, so poste einen Beitrag und setzte bitte Links auf die Ankündigungen:
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