video playback question
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Aug 4, 2005
Okay for you video playback experts I have a question.

Is there a way to make media player classic override other playback filters like zoomplayer does?

I have some 1080p music videos/performances and some of them lag when I use media player classic with vmr9 windowless or haali media splitter as the video output. However when I use zoomplayer and it does the "smartplay" it plays back smoothly. I would use zoomplayer but it's having audio problems because of my e-mu 0404 (no sound) and the 0404 software is too complicated for me to try and fix. Audio works fine in media player classic and I prefer it because it's simple so I would really like it if I could configure mpc to work properly.

Also my computer is a gaming rig (E6750 processor, 4GB ddr2 ram, 8800GTS (g92) 512 so it's not my hardware) thanks in advance for the help.

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