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Victor HA-FW10000: 10th Anniversary model

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  1. lafeuill
    They do. You can buy them from am@zon.co.jp. Having them send the tips to France was not that expensive.

    Ordering is pretty straight forward, and you can also get Sedna and/or SednaLight tips while you're at it.

    As for size beware. The Azla tips are one size bigger than most brands. I'm S (left) / MS (right) with both types of Sedna, MS / M with Spiral Dot ++ and most other models.
    Last edited: Oct 2, 2019
  2. BlinkST
  3. lafeuill
    Oh, I thought the ++ came with the HA-FW10000, and the + with FW/FD01. I stand corrected.
  4. RSC08
    Are you sure about this? Because the tips that came with my FW10K are exactly like the normal Spiral Dots that I ordered a couple of months ago from Penon Audio...
  5. toughnut
  6. BlinkST
    The FD01 did originally come with the Spiral Dot +, as you can see on JVC's product page. I was mistaken when I said that they no longer ship it with the FD01.

    You're talking about the regular Spiral Dot EP-FX9. The Spiral Dot ++ is EP-FX10, and the FW10K uses Spiral Dot +, which isn't commercially available.

    The FW10K comes with the +, the same as what they first sold with the FD01. The ++ is the commercially available version where the earpiece isn't made entirely out of the SMP iFit material.
  7. Peerayu
    Just ordered the Dot++ today, will see how's the difference between the stock Dot+.
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  8. raymogi
    Bought these beauties yesterday and I've been using it non stop (burning it in as well when I'm not using it). Paired it with Dita OSLO first and while I enjoy the sound, it somehow lack details. Switched it up to 1960s 4-wire and this thing opens up like I expected. Every details is preserved while enhancing the sound quality. Fit is awesome and it feels really nice in ear, very airy feeling... I dare say it fits better than my 64s. Looking forward to lots of quality hours with these!

  9. jmills8
    The JVC10000 are the BEST sounding iem
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  10. seeteeyou
    It's showing 15 in stock right now and they do ship internationally, better act quickly before they're all gone


    One of these guys are also claiming to be in stock here, not shipping internationally so we've gotta go through proxy shopping services like "From Japan" and knock 10% off the price


    For those of us who are still waiting for JVC to release their own balanced version of stock cables, it might be even better to make our own "double run" 8-wire version with two single-end cables. It's 11,000 yen a piece here


    Then we'll need to purchase another pair of MMCX connectors, Eidolic might be one of the best with 4.4-mm rear hole


    I saw that 8-wire or even 16-wire cables could be accommodated


    Here's another expensive choice with 3.0-mm rear hole


    Someone mentioned that could accommodate 8-wire cables

    Last edited: Oct 20, 2019
  11. Peerayu
    If you guys interested, I can help you with the shipping. It may be cheaper than those services.
  12. RSC08
    I think I'll wait for JVC's own 4.4mm version of the stock cable.

    On another note, JVC Malaysia told me they can sell the foam tips that come with the JVC FX1100 as a stand-alone item. The tips are a bit pricy though: MYR120 (per pair).
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  13. productred
    That's a bold claim but somehow I have to agree (except hesitantly adding "one of")

    It's definitely in the thereabouts of the very best category, despite its "relatively" modest pricing and "relatively" uncomplicated technology. Old and proven technology, meticulous engineering, superb craftmanship and adventurous choice of materials sums it all up and we got a winner. Another proof that we dun need multi drivers and litres of snake oil to achieve top notch sound quality.
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  14. BlinkST
    Unfortunately for me, I won’t be able to enjoy my pair for a while because my SU-AX01 took one last tumble when it fell out of my jacket pocket while I was on the bus. The faceplate came off and the electronics inside now slides around. I was careless with it one too many times. It still powers on, but I didn’t bother to see if it still works properly. I can’t take it on my commute anymore.

    The SU-AX01 has been out of stock for a while and brand new units can cost close to $1,100(!). So I’m just waiting for them to announce a successor before I pay that much money for an amplifier again.

    Last edited: Oct 25, 2019
  15. OnyX Prime
    FYI second links




    it seems like its totally out of stock everywhere and product info brought down on main local stores... is that a sign of a *cough* new update *cough* on its way?
    I’ve been waiting for this...too damn long...
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