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Victor HA-FW10000: 10th Anniversary model

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  1. toughnut
    Curious too since Roland available as custom. Perhaps @jmills8 can give input (or maybe not due to HK issue)
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  2. seeteeyou
    IMHO this stuff is more like Summit-Fi level that's actually capable of driving HD800 (designated model for demo) with authority, possibly the most compact DAC/amp package with balanced TRRRS output for FW10000?


    (10,499 RMB)

    (14,999 RMB)


    Simply connect that to the OTG output of a smartphone and we're in business, though it's limited to USB Audio Class 1.0 and therefore we're talking about only 96/24 (good enough for portable rigs) here. Obviously the phone's battery life will take a dive and that could be a concern.

    Let's just forget about stuff like Sony DMP-Z1 and QLS QA390 for now. Both A&K Kann Cube and iBasso DX220 Max should be considered to be transportable (not exactly pocketable as well?) at best, therefore Dax Audio could be an interesting option IF its performance were THAT good. Of course its availability outside China as well as the price tag itself might not be ideal for the global market IMHO.

    BTW, they're also showing the latest FW1800 (about 7K to 8K RMB) in China recently

  3. RSC08
    Just orderered these. #hyped

    Really happy with the help and support I got from JVC Malaysia, they have wonderful customer service.

    Now the wait begins...
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  4. audionewbi
    I do want to get a backup pair, but I just have to wait. JVC Malaysia rocks, amazing CS so far.
  5. RSC08
    I've also talked to them about the 4.4mm balanced cable and they still don't have a release date.
  6. hellfire8888
    JVC Malaysia service is fantastic! Anyway my FW10K harsh treble is gone after burn in. Maybe they should burnin all IEM before selling it next time!
    I dont believe in burn in last time but this...change my mind..
  7. RSC08
    Just got mine... Once again, hats off to JVC Malaysia, the packaging was the safest, most secure and protected packaging I've ever seen. Simply outstanding.

    Last edited: Sep 27, 2019
  8. RSC08
    Ok, ~15 hours in I have to say I'm unbelievably happy to have taken a blind plunge on these. The 10K are comfortable, seal very well, look like a million bucks and... these are so beautifully musical. Everything I've thrown at them so far they have handled incredibly well, no matter what genre. I find myself not even skipping songs anymore, I just let them play because every single track is so god damn enjoyable now.

    I have to confess that when I saw some people on this thread saying that they were saving up to get a second pair of these just in case, I thought they were a bit nuts. Why would you want to spend $1600 on a safety net for something you already have? But I get it now, boy do I get it... these are truly special.
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  9. davidmolliere
    Hmmm looks like nobody read my FW10000’s review, strangely among all the one I wrote that got totally unnoticed :p
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  10. RSC08
    I actually read it and trust me when I say I read everything I could get my hands on regarding these. But it was still a "blind" purchase because I couldn't demo them... At the end reviews are really just someone's opinion on something. I had the Rai Penta that you praised so much and I'm pretty much on the same boat as Crinacle regarding those, cause I found them boring and congested. And this is the same Crinacle that dislikes the FW10K which I happen to absolutely adore.

    "Like a circle in a spiral, like a wheel within a wheel, never ending nor beginning on an ever-spinning reel. As the images unwind, like the circles that you find in the windmills of your mind."
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  11. davidmolliere
    Yeah well there is also the factor of sources, cables, personal preferences but also things like how loud you listen (yes actually very important) and what genre of music you listen to so it’s only natural that we don’t all like the same things :p

    Glad you like the FW10K, this is one special IEM... I like it for very different reasons that I liked the Penta. I like different flavors like say EM64 and FIBAE7 are two very very different tuning and I love both.
  12. RSC08
    By the way, any recommendations for foam tips for these?
  13. toughnut
    I tried with Comply and Shure foam tip, didnt improve the seal, my primary intent. So back to stock SpiralDot++ which is still the best for secure fit and ease of insertion.
  14. RSC08
    Are the Spiral Dot ++ worth it over the regular Spiral Dot tips that come with the FW10K? I ordered some foam tips from Crystalline Audio to see how it behaves, but apparently the foam tips that come with the JVC FX1100 are crazy good on the FW10K.
  15. BlinkST

    The Spiral Dot tips that come with the FW10K are the most advanced ones yet and are exclusive to the 10K. The Spiral Dot ++ incorporate some of the technology and materials in those tips but are not quite the same. I don’t think that they sell the 10K’s tips separately.
    Last edited: Oct 2, 2019
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