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Victor HA-FW10000: 10th Anniversary model

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  1. thisismyname
    For my FW10000, 350hr burn in still not enough. Running balanced through wm1a at low gain at around 70 vol, may try high gain after some more burn in.
  2. Kitechaser
    If I had a nickel for everytime someone said the CL2 are hard to drive and I have my volume maxed out, I would have a lot of nickels. I say Bass lite in comparison to say a dynamic speaker, the quad 2905s I listened to have the most natural and realistic bass I have ever heard, I will be buying a set of those speakers soon, it's just beautiful...no other words to describe it. To my ears the Cl2 does not sound bass lite either, I am used to it, It just sounds right.
    Yeah the 350 hours of burn in is real pain. (It just takes that long, no way to get around it) CanJam is not the best place to listen to any iem critically, but what can you do....
  3. vr1

    Thank you. Now I even more interested in FW10000 :)
  4. toughnut
    How long burn-in until the sound noticeable matured? For me, after pass 120-150hrs mark, seem like it’s stable.

    Even fresh out of the box, it’s a keeper!

    Now I’m curious if there’s anything better out there...
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  5. thisismyname
    It's hard to say, how large the changing of sound for different burn in method and with different equipment do varies.

    For my case, burn in from unbalaned 3.5 ouput WM1A, then balanced 4.4 output (low gain) WM1A, sometimes from headphone amp, and now balanced 4.4 output (high gain), the sound keep on changing, passing 350 hrs
  6. toughnut
    I use Cascade burn-in file at slightly higher than moderate listening volume. I can hear the buzz at half foot away in quiet room.
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  7. davidmolliere
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2019
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  8. toughnut
    Nicely written. I agreed the content-wise a bit lacksture for the price. Nicely presented though. Balanced cable if packed together, it will be sweet deal.

    On the upper mid harshness, initially I find it a bit shrill but with 10 hours burn-in and another listen, it’s tamed down. Never encounter that again since. Perhaps my tolerance (but can’t stand CL2 lol)

    In term of genre pairing, it find it musical and energetic enough. Even on calm piano or smoothing song, I find hard to relax completely unlike Xelento, both on low listening volume.
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  9. Ahmad313
    Good job bro , excellent review , to the point and very enjoyable to read just miss a comparison with Solaris and some other high end well known iems but i really like your reviews very easy to understand , keep it up bro .
  10. davidmolliere
    Thanks for the feedback, yes I didn’t have the time to post comparisons yet, as well as source matching, I will add this later for sure :)

    Yes it’s nowhere near CL2 levels there, it doesn’t happen with every source and every track album, depending on the genres you listen to you might hardly come accross anything and there is personal sensitivity as well we don’t all have the same.

    Yes you’re right, not the relax and laid back listen, the FW10K are engaging!
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2019
  11. rumina
    nice review david, thanks for that work. i have also the fw-ha10000 3 weeks at home and your impressions matches well with mine. it's the first earphone since the obravo(s) that i realy like (remind me a bit to the dx1000 which i enjoyed for a long time but better).

    i realized that the small mid bass boost is only here when i listen with the wm1z, so i tune it a bit down around 62 hz (1.5-2 db). with a more powerfull desktop amp the jvc sound fine without eq. i think due the relative heavy diaphragm the bass blooms a tad when the amp has less controll over the movement of the driver. good controlled the fw-ha10000 has the second best bass for a earphone that iknow (only the obravo i have goes a bit deeper and has a tad more resolution). also the earphones scales very well up with better gear. mids are sweat and nice, highs a bit less energetic imo due the nature of the dynamic driver per se. a small tendency for harsh upper mids as described can be easy corrected with a dap like the wm1z or a warmer sounding amp (think too neutral dap/sources like hugos or dx200 are not ideal). i like the big soundstage this earphone has even if the deep of the stage is a bit limited/blurry.

    any yes, no need for changing the cable, silver or silver coated cable don't worked well for me (beside the final audio junkosha cable). only a neotech gold plated copper cable was a good match but you only gain a tad of resolution and a little bit more neutral sound signature (and thus loose a bit the character of the fw-ha1000).

    for the price the performance of this earphone is stunning, great to hear that dynamic drivers with this quality are still produced. for me it's a great addition to the obravo which is more neutral tuned, the jvc has a nice engaging, tad fun orientated sound. for this price it's hard to find something more musical and satisfying.
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  12. Jalo
    Good job David on your review, you have the ALO CV5, how does the FW10000 sound with tube amp. I am just curious if it will synergize well with my WA8. I put myself on the preorder list.
    Last edited: Feb 21, 2019
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  13. Jalo
    @rumina, how is the FW10000 compare to the Lab II? They both have a single large DD.
  14. Ricky64
    Does anyone know a retailer that has stock and ships to the US?
  15. davidmolliere
    Thanks :)

    The FW10000 sounds very good with the CV5, but I find the ALO is not that tubey sounding, it’s pretty dynamic and a tad forward with the FW10000 (for my taste) especially the upper mids. Tube rolling helps a bit but I actually prefer the iDSD Micro BL pairing, although it’s not tubes it’s smoother go figure :p

    I expect WA8 would be a different story, not the same league. The JVC do benefit from headroom so a more powerful and tubey combination would probably work wonders!
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