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Victor HA-FW10000: 10th Anniversary model

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  1. jmills8
    What, I cant see.
  2. toughnut
    There’s 4 pictures in that twitter post. 4.4mm BAL, dual 3.5mm BAL cables and prototype white resin shell IEM
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  3. BlinkST
    I’m surprised other websites are not even covering this. I checked AV Watch, PhileWeb, and even the Fujiya Avic blog, and none of them have any info about these new JVC earphone prototypes.

    Well whatever the case, they’re probably going to be released this year. I remember reading about two FD01 prototypes in 2017 before they released the FD series that same year.

    So basically:

    The Twitter post has 4 pictures that show:
    • 2 Earphones
    • New)?) ear tips
    • 2 single-ended 4.4mm balanced cables
    • 2 dual-ended 3.5mm balanced cables
    Judging from the looks, there's a new model in the FW series that will be between the FW01 and FW10000 that has the 10K's cable and a different spiral dot earpiece. It actually looks a bit like the early FW10000 prototype from the E-Earphone interview.


    This might be a more affordable option as opposed to the $1,700 FW10000. There's also a new FD model that might be the high-end model after the FD01, and will have a similar cable, but in the style of the "SOLIDEGE" design language. Driver seems to be angled a la MDR-EX1000, but smaller.

    The early prototypes for the FD series looked similar to that second picture, and they were released in the same year.

    7/8/2017: <ポタ研>JVC、新イヤホン試作機2タイプ聴き比べ/完実ブースでShureやFender新モデル
    7/9/2017: 新ハイエンドプレーヤー「SP1000」素材聴き比べ、JVCケンウッド試作イヤフォン
    11/1/2017: JVC、ノズルも角度もカスタマイズできるフルステンレス製イヤフォン「SOLIDEGE」

    So I reason that their new earphones will be out later this year for the holiday season.

    Unfortunately for FXZ "LIVE BEAT" lovers, it looks like that innovative line from 2012-2013 is retired.
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2019
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  4. seeteeyou
    Just received my SU-AX01 today and then I'll get an Apple MD836LL/A (for high-intensity mode) tomorrow. Still looking for another listing like this since the balanced output of Hiby R6 Pro should work fine with their new cable(s)


    Originally my plan was visiting a local shop here in Hong Kong and then pay cash (i.e. a discounted offer that's common here) for FW10000 once it's back in stock. Now I might wanna wait and see what's in the pipeline.

    For MMCX connectors, could Eidolic Premier be the way to go?

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  5. Focux
    wow woody's i'm interested
  6. BlinkST
    PhileWeb has a bit of info on JVC's booth at the show. Translation via Bing:

    2/2/2019: <ポタ研>JVC「中身はヒミツ」の試作イヤホン3モデル/ゼンハイザーは新イヤモニに注目集まる

    2月2日、東京・中野サンプラザにて、フジヤエービック主催のポータブルオーディオイベント「ポタ研 2019冬」が開催された。本稿では出展ブースの内、JVCケンウッド/ゼンハイザー/ハーマンインターナショナルブースの模様をお伝えする。

    On February 2, at Nakano Sun Plaza, Tokyo, the Portable audio event "Pota Ken 2019 Winter" hosted by Fujiyaebic was held. In this paper, we will present the design of JVC Kenwood/Sennheiser/Herman International Booth in the booth.


    ■ JVC Kenwood
    JVC Kenwood has been listening to a large number of prototypes, such as three models of prototype earphones, cables and earpieces, using 3d printers.

    (Pictures of the two earphone prototypes)
    Three models exhibited a prototype earphone made full use of a 3d printer. What kind of ingenuity was being laid down


    Two models of earphones are those based on the existing wooden driver equipped earphone "Wood series", a big difference in appearance that the resin parts of the ear side is newly built in 3d printer. The A model/b model each, such as the number and shape of the opening is different.


    And the company's wired earphones have a few ear-shaped shapes. Both earphones are still private, and the internal structure and technology are yet to be listened to in a way that only the audience can evaluate the sound purely. It is said that the gathered impression will make use of the product development in the future.


    In addition, we exhibited a prototype ear piece based on the company's "Spiral Dot" which controls the reflected sound by chopping a dot on the inside and a balance connection cable with a 4.4 mm/3.5 mm × 2 plug, and performed the audition similar to earphones. In addition, the "HA-FW10000" on sale as a flagship model was also provided with a dedicated audition space.

    (Pictures of ear tips and FW10000)
    Accessories such as ear pieces are being developed.
    The audition booth of "HA-FW10000" of the topic as a flag ship model
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  7. BlinkST
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  8. named name
    While the original cable sounds nice, I didn't agree with the ergonomics of it. When hooked over my ears it would often come off whenever I turned my head, didn't want to bastardize the original cable so got an aftermarket with 4.4.

    DSC00317 - Cc.png
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  9. jmills8
    By which company and which metals ?
  10. named name
    PW Audio Xerexes

    from their website:
    Jacket Material : Crystal Clear PVC

    Conductor Material :
    3 Groups of Extreded and deoxygenated Copper,
    2 Groups of Extreded and deoxygenated alloy (70% Silver and 30% Copper),
    2 Groups of Gold plated extruded and deoxygenated copper

    Conductor Gauge: 34AWG X 7 Groups
  11. jmills8
    What audio changes have you experienced ?
  12. toughnut
    Eagle has landed.

    Initial unboxing and impression:
    Great luxury looking box. However the content is a bit poor for the price paid. Only 5 pairs of Spiral Dot+, IEM itself, a 3.5mm cable, oversized case and paperwork. If JVC included a 4.4mm balance cable, I won’t be complaining. Sony packaging beat their neighbour on this.

    Fit is my biggest concern and when first hold it, my concern magnified. It’s heavy solid piece of metal. However when plugged into my ears, all that vanish. Extremely secured and no contact whatsoever with my ears. Thanks god no memory wire on the cable. Cable itself is quite solid in term of sheathing, with equally solid plug termination (not big and still low profile).

    Now onto sound, my second concern. There’s some impression saying it’s tilted towards treble and bass light. First test with Adele - Sorry, I’m impressed. Low end is magnificent with equally impressive high. Mid level is where I want it to be too. Overall I’m impressed with the tuning. Next Aphex Twin - Ageopolis. Similarly impressed. I can now forget about Solaris for good. This is it.

    P.S: all above is just with Sansa Clip+ !!! Intent to let it run 24/7 for burn in but I’m already damn impressed.
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  13. jmills8
    It has very good bass layering and depth.
  14. davidmolliere
    Congrats :)

    I don’t think anybody said the FW10K is bass light, it sure isn’t!
    In fact it has more mid bass than Solaris although it doesn’t have as much sub bass power. Double bass is a treat on the JVC :D

    I don’t see the FW10K as trumping the Solaris at all, it’s different signatures altogether. The JVC is brighter with more upper mids and upper treble emphasis. The tuning focus was clearly on resolution vs smoothness on the Solaris, with on the flipside more lower treble excitement ont the Solaris. Also, the JVC is thinner. There is greater separation but you loose some body and weight in the mids. Soundstage is wider on the JVC but more holographic on the Solaris with better depth.

    Right now I am picking the JVC each time I want to listen to Jazz, Folk and classical and the Solaris for Indie, Rock, Blues.
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  15. Focux
    seeing that you have the M9 as well,

    look forward to some brief comparisons with your M9
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