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Victor HA-FW10000: 10th Anniversary model

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  1. toughnut
    How bad is the fit?
  2. unknownguardian
    Should be fine for any normal people unless you have tiny and shallow ear canals like mine, hence causing a pain after 10-20 mins
  3. toughnut
    I don’t consider my ear canal size and shape normal either.
  4. audionewbi
    Can try some of the exotic cable there if you can, like the Rosenkranz or the Nideon NMC series.
  5. davidmolliere
    Thanks for that feedback, just got myself a secondhand 1960 4 wires and I am on the fence on recalling to MMCX as it pairs beautifully with the VE8 and Phantom (2 pin)... decisions, decisions.

    The stock cable is quite great actually but the PW 1960 4 wires should have been called « Black magic ». I have never heard a cable that transcends IEM like this one, never... Now I can’t help but wonder how the JVC would sound with it (and the Solaris as well :p)
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  6. Ahmad313
    If your PW cable has 2-pin connectors than you can buy a 2-pin to mmcx adopter and can use with your JVC or Solaris ,
  7. davidmolliere
    Yep I did buy the Rhaposodio set, to test out so we’ll see but I have tried adapter once, it’s an ergonomic nightmare...
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2019
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  8. toughnut
    Grab your DAP ready boys. Those who ordered from JVC Malaysia, its shipping out by this week.
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  9. OnyX Prime
    ConGratz dude! You won’t regret to have the 604w into MMCX IF you r getting the ier-z1r as well. The 604w extends the lows + highs and soundstage much further thus a good chance to pair well with the z1r as some reported (from Z1r thread I recall?)the z1r to be lacking on the lows and highs?
    Just get another 604w 2H for ur ve8 n phantom lol

    I finally have the time to try out other cables like pw 1950, 1960 2w, titan Au+Ag and hopefully the Janus D in coming week. Will post my thoughts up afterwards. Right now, my desire will be on the hiby 6 pro n custom arts tips that u recommended. With those I believe the set is done for both fw10k and the upcoming z1r
  10. OnyX Prime
    TBH, w/o a good pair of tips (less affect on SQ and good isolation), fw10k may not be ideal for daily otg use. I find them pretty unpleasant during my 1+ hrs of transport on public transit.
  11. davidmolliere
    Custom art tips is such a treat for the FW10K, it really makes it better for a cheap investment.

    From what I have read the 2 wires has less treble presence but the 1960 is not V shaped by any means, not like the 1950 apparently is, yes it does bring extra body and texture to the bass but it’s not that boosted it’s a tad more quantity with a lot more quality. As for treble, they very nicely done smooth detailed. Mids are the real treat for mid, smooth, liquid, beautiful... and that black background is something to behold really.

    I think the 2 wires might pair even better with the JVC smoother, you loose some soundstage but this isn’t a blocker for me.

    IER-Z1R is out of my radar now, the delay is too long, the report of brittle mids by several people I trust is not engaging...
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  12. OnyX Prime
    eagerly awaiting your alo g16 / 604w comparison...I didn’t get the chance to try alo g16 sigh...
  13. jmills8
    ALO cables are soso.
  14. davidmolliere
    The ALO Gold 16 also provides a nice quality and quantity improvement in the bass department, but it’s much brighter overall than the 1960 the mids are brighter and very articulate the focus is clearly on resolution and treble is much more lively than the 1960 with great sparkle. I prefer the signature of the 1960, to me the Gold 16 is not a good match to the FW10K as it doesn’t need more upper mids and treble presence. With the FW10K you get sibilance and I prefer the (very good) stock cable.

    The ALO Gold 16 will more probably pair very well with the darker Phantom. It does pair nicely with the Solaris as well.
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  15. audionewbi
    Remember guys I said JVC is working on new item, here are their prototypes. They are also working on a 4.4mm cable, which I can't wait to order. As much as I want to purchase a high end after-market cable, and I have many I got in mind, with the FW10000, I want to stick to everything authentic.

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