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Victor HA-FW10000: 10th Anniversary model

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  1. davidmolliere
    So I have been spending more time with the FW10K and I A/B’ed different cable, the stock cable is really the best synergy and except if you want to run them balanced there is no reason to upgrade the cable (unless you can afford the PW 1960 which apparently pairs very well). The stock cable is a smooth, refined copper cable that is up there with the best upgrade cable IMHO. It has a small footprint and is very comfortable to wear. Kudos JVC, aside from Audeze and the stock cable of the LCD i4 I have never has such a high quality cable with an IEM.

    Now burn in, things are settling in nicely at 250 hours I don’t believe those will further change which means I’ll start on my review :writing_hand:

    The more I listen to the FW10K, the more I am convinced it’s the most refined dynamic driver I have ever had the pleasure to listen to. There is boatloads of nuances, note I am not saying details because it goes beyond that : textures, timbre, attack and decay make it such a treat to listen to. Jazz has never sounded better really, but with burn in and the smoothness I find myself listening to a whole lot other genres (except more forward / agressive stuff).
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  2. audionewbi
    Today I was crazy enough to try the FW10000 at a local shop which had the DAVE. I have been putting off my FW10000 review a few times, as each time I test the FW10000 with some new gear, I hear something new that I haven't heard before. This leaves me thinking my current setup is bottle necking FW10000 true potential.

    FW10000 likes power, lots of it. It likes rather cleaner source. With DAVE, I heard a truly 3D sound-stage, everything was where it suppose to be. "God I want this, how can I mimic this on the go?"
    Now I'm faced with this issue, the issue finding a way to mimic DAVE sound on the Go. I'm excited, as I know FW10000 is capable of doing this, once the portable audio lift its game.
  3. seeteeyou
    You're getting 164,000 taps from DAVE with its 20-element pulse-array DAC.

    49,152 taps from Hugo 2 with its 10-element pulse-array DAC, same deal with Qutest.

    If you're able to convince (or pay) someone to record the output of Hugo M Scaler, 705.6kHz / 768kHz would give you full 1,000,000 taps but most recorders are only good for recording @ 250,000 taps since we're talking about 176.4kHz / 192kHz.

    If you're aiming for 500,000 taps, there's also a solution of some sort from Taiwan but those recorded files are gonna be twice as large


    In theory it's doable but you could tell that's quite a bit of work. Finally you've gotta get an amp that's comparable to the headphone output of DAVE as well, in that case you're investing in transportable ones such as XI Audio Broadway (1500 mW @ 32 ohms) or even Venture Electronics Defiant (6.5 W @ 32 ohms) with balanced outputs


    Not at all pocketable by any means, you've gotta get that giant battery inside Defiant in order achieve that kinda voltage swing @ 25V.
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  4. audionewbi
    The defiant looks really interesting. I read about it last year, and total forgot about it up until now.
  5. musicday
    I would like to try this earphone with the Tera-Player as the old JVC HA-FX850 was a very good combo from what I've read.
  6. davidmolliere
    So... I got lucky and found a PW 1960 4 wire secondhand, just need to get it recabled to MMCX and balanced but I am so eager to run them on the FW10K :D
  7. unknownguardian
    By the way I was informed by fujiya-avic that stocks had arrived, as previously I had enquired about it. If anyone is keen in getting a brand new sealed one, do drop me a pm, I can purchase it for you and ship it out to you directly from japan.
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  8. BlinkST
    It would be sweet if they’re still available next week. I’ve purchased from Fujiya-Avic via WorldShopping before, so I’m comfortable buying from them.
  9. davidmolliere
    There is one up for grabs here :wink:
  10. toughnut
    I’m weak. I pulled the trigger and ordered one from local store. Coming soon.
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  11. BlinkST
    I wish it was that easy over here in the states. The various Japanese sites that I’ve checked all say that the earphone is out of stock, possibly until late April.

    I don wonder why JVC needs so much time to manufacture these.
  12. audionewbi
    Oak Village is a woodworking company that does work for a large variety of people, I guess that is where the bottle neck is.
    They make the main body and also laquer it.
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  13. productred
    Their website still indicates there's no stock......back-ordered?
  14. Misson07
    My local store that had been out of stock for while has them stocked now. I assume they start shipping out new batch.
  15. unknownguardian
    I made a reservation directly over the mail previously since I am travelling to japan this coming week, but already gotten one from other place and sold it due to fit issue
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