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Victor HA-FW10000: 10th Anniversary model

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  1. audionewbi
    Honestly the good old objective 2 amplifier, it is still a winner.
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  2. davidmolliere
    So something arrived in the mail today... actually ordered custom tips for the Solaris but the bore size being so close... I tried them on and they fit even better with the FW10000 :D


    This takes the FW10K to even greater heights, in fact it affects the SQ more than it does for the Solaris, the R6 Pro / FW10K and custom tips is simply breathtaking... soundstage and imaging is even greater and the mids, oh my the mids are much smoother with more lower mids presence while retaining top articulation and detailed upper mids. Bass is even more textured and detailed, this is something to behold.

    I paid 65€ for those custom tips but they’re worth so much more as the bump in SQ is simply amazing... I am totally in awe right now.
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2019
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  3. chaiyuta
    FW10000 Family becomes bigger and bigger now~
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  4. ddmt
    Is there a demo unit of FW10k I can try in Singapore?
  5. OnyX Prime
    Congrats on finding the best pairing so soon! All you need now is THE cable to complete the epic set of yours!
    Btw, where did you order your custom tips from? I need a pair for the cure!
  6. davidmolliere
    I ordered from Custom Art :)
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  7. OnyX Prime
    Thanks a ton!
  8. davidmolliere
    So after several hours using custom tips inserted deeper than I initially did (worried I could not get them out, as I have a perfect fit and seal), it’s even better in the bass department and I stand by my first observations it makes the mids fuller with more lower mids and tames any harshness in the highs or upper mids which might or might not be what people will look for but in my case it’s perfect. The signature is more balanced and a tad less bright, more natural.

    I have tried again the offending tracks and album and sibilance isn’t here anymore with both the R6 Pro and custom tips. Burn in being at 200 hours, I can start taking notes for my review :)

    I must say I am so very impressed by the FW10K, the resolution is very high as well as clarity and transparency, and the soundstage is impressive. Those are my go to IEMs for Jazz, best performers I have owned for that genre. I don’t listen to classical too much but it’s also a nice fit.

    Can’t wait to receive the ALO Gold 16 gold plated copper cable tomorrow, both the cable itself and the fact it’s balanced will sure make it an even better listen :D
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2019
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  9. Misson07
    I been listening to the 10K for several hours, done some test, and found that the 10K is one of those iem that a level of volume can change perceived impression of the sound quite a lot.

    On a louder listening volume (quite a lot louder compare to my initial impression) - The first thing I noticed is that the bass really come alive. It sound very detail and packed a power that is rarely seen (heard?) in an iem. Treble is much more energetic leading to a very exciting signature that also sounds very clear and detailed in all region. Perceived clarity is also increase and matching the 64 Audio Tia Trio that I been compare them with. The sound is very full and spacious and kinda remind of my BW P9 headphone, not exactly about their sound signature, but more like how full and spacious the 10K can be. However, there are some harshness in the edge of the vocal that I didn't notice before, a trait I found in many high-end dynamic driver iems at higher volume. It not as bad as what I remember the IE800 was but it's there.

    On lower listening volume (still a bit higher than my initial impression I think?) - The signature became more relax sounding. The bass that took up a lot of the stage is more subdue now which open up the stage and make the 10K even more open sounding. The treble also sound more subdue with rounder top end and while the detail is less apparent they are also more relax sounding and more airy now. The level of perceived clarity drop quite noticeably and there seem to be a warm sheen cover the entire signature. The Trio fares better in this regard although their leaner signature became more apparent now at lower volume. The big plus for me is that the vocal is perfectly smooth with no trace of harshness and with the more subdue high frequency they also sound more sweet than before. The airy top end and more space in the stage really help with how it can sound similar to the open backed headphone while the louder listening level sounds more like high-end closed back headphone with how the bass is presented and how thick and full the sound is.

    Personally, I prefer them on a lower listening volume. As fun and exciting (with a lot of wow factor) the 10K can be on a louder listening, the somewhat harsh vocal and thundering bass really make my ear fatigue in a relatively short amount of time. It's a no-no for me on a long listening period. On a lower listening volume, they sound very relaxing while also retain an impressive amount of detail, and they also sound very airy and open. The lower perceived clarity can be disheartening but if you find that the 10K sounds harsh you might want to try them on a lower volume.

    Anyway, which of these seem to match better with your impression?

    PS. It should be noted that my comfortable listening volume is probably quite lower than most people in this hobby so my "loud volume" maybe normal for you and my low might very well be unlistenable for many. Also, my unit is pretty new so a change during burn-in period should be expect. I would REALLY love the 10K if they retain their smooth vocal in high volume and maybe subdue the bass a bit.
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2019
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  10. davidmolliere
    @Misson07 Great point, listening volume is a rarely raised topic but is VERY important... I sometimes did not understand why I had such different impressions from people at meetups and discussing we tested each other’s volume level and impressions were much more consistent. Kudos for bringing this up. Like you I listen at quite low levels :)

    For me, the harshness in highs and upper mids was present no matter the volume, just less annoying when listening lower... It did improve with burn in and source swapping to the R6 Pro and Micro BL and now custom tips.

    Interrestingly the FW10K is one of the rare IEM where I found myself pushing the volume a bit more that I am used to. I have a theory that it’s because it has quite low distorsion but just a hunch... also as I have said before, an amp will greatly help retain the qualities of the higher volume even at lower volume because of the headroom bass and dynamics will greatly improve. I think it could scale yet even more with a desktop amp and I hope to test this with @lafeuill Pro iCAN someday :D
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  11. Misson07
    Hmm maybe you are really sensitive to higher frequency or maybe it just a source thing. I always prefer warmer source.

    and yeah, the listening volume thing can affect the impression of an iem a lot. One of my friend who always listen to a REALLY low volume have some impressions that quite differ from mine. This guy listen to his Andromeda at volume ONE out of whatever max volume there is on the ZX300 in a quite environment....and I'm not joking. He terrified when watching people turn it up to something like 50 lol
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  12. jmills8
    Great EQing.
  13. davidmolliere
    The build quality is consistent with ALO cables, e.g very high quality. The cable is supple but the flat braid above the Y split induces some moderate microphonics. Not an issue for my primarily home & office use but still worth mentioning.


    I obviously need to spend more time with it, but after an hour, I can say that it’s a very refined cable with flawless (yes, I know...) technical foundations. To be honest I didn’t expect the Gold 16 to have this reference, very clean and highly technical signature with amazing extension both ways. The bass is really as detailed and controlled as it can get, the mids are clean and articulate and the highs are much more refined and extended while remaining smooth. It’s highly transparent and neutral with very accurate timbre. I confess I expected (and looked for) more warmth and “liquid” smoothness, it’s not a warm copper cable but very neutral and reference.

    The Gold 16 on the FW10K highlights it’s technical ability, the resolution with this cable is a step up and the soundstage is pushed even further. It’s a bit colder sounding than the stock cable and to me not the pairing I would have liked :-\

    The best pairing with the FW10K is.... the stock cable so far. Until I get to hear it with PW 1960 4 wires :p
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2019
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  14. Peerayu
    That's very interesting.
    May I know the name or brand of the custom tips?

    Thank you
  15. davidmolliere
    It’s Custom Art :)
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