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Victor HA-FW10000: 10th Anniversary model

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  1. jmills8
    Tried this for 10 mins and this foam tips performed pretty good. Ill try them later for my 2 hr trip.
    20190120_153133.jpg 20190120_153146.jpg
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  2. davidmolliere
    @jmills8 Didn’t know about them, I might get them if the custom silicon tips I have coming for the Solaris don’t work on the FW10K...
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  3. jmills8
    Interesting cause I have been thinking about custom tips. In my case Im using the 10K on the go. By on the go I mean a 3 hr commute in this tiny city of 8.5 million. I have to walk through crowded sidewalks, filled trains and stand only buses. The silicon tips do work well in isolating but I am having issue keeping a perfect seal in my left ear. I isually had great results with foam tips with other iems, but dont want to cause loss of the wide soundstage of the 10K.
  4. OnyX Prime
    Another suggestion for you to look into if you have previous JVC inears, their own version of “foam” tips which doesn’t feel like foam at all - I was going through my pile of (trash heh...) stock cable and tips looking for the spin dot V1 replacement tips, and these little ones was lying around. Tried them on, surprisingly they fit and hold better in my ear canals. Sound wise, definitely a better seal. I did not notice any loss in terms of stage and detail, bass is a tiny bit heavier. The only down side I think is the durability...maybe mine was dusted for too long...I will have to figure out where to buy them if JVC still sells it.
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  5. jmills8
    Thxs, great idea.
  6. OnyX Prime
    JVC bundled these foam tips with fx1100 or maybe even with 850. Not sure about fw01 but definitely didn’t came with fd01 tho
  7. OnyX Prime
    @davidmolliere I have no chance to try Alo gold 16, please share your thoughts after hearing it...you must try the 60 4w yourself....and do a comparison lol your comment is way better
  8. OnyX Prime
    Where can I buy these foams? Thanks
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  9. jmills8
    Been using them for over one hour, they seem not to increase the bass like other foam tips. Actually seems less bass than the stock silicon tips. I like bass so I prefer the bass from the stock tips. Jaben carries them.
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  10. davidmolliere
    Yeah I will, unfortunately the person who owns the 1960 4 wires has it in 2 pin not MMCX so can’t really try...
  11. jmills8
    Ok, it was mentioned how this iem can sound bright on one set up but on another set up it can sound very different. I noticed using the 10K on the AK1000M it sounded pretty bright, but changing daps to the Cowon the 10K sounded warmer, still very detailed but the bass hit harder and the treble was much tamed.
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  12. OnyX Prime
  13. Misson07

    Well I decided to get one for myself as it will be unavailable for a while after this in where I live.

    Intial impression after some tips rolling is that I noticed less of that...weird midhigh I mentiond before but not sure if this will be a burn-in thing. Bass fare better than last time now that I'm in completely quite environment (not that I was in noisy place last time). Now that I'm able to use this long-term I should be able to get more accurate impression.

    Any recommendation for a matching amp that not totally break the bank? iFi stuff look promising but man did I hate that chromium finish.
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  14. jmills8
    It does change a bit depending on dac/amp.
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  15. davidmolliere

    Which source are you using right now?

    Well you can get the iDSD Micro BL in black... right now the best pairing I have found is Hiby R6 Pro, topped only by R6 Pro plugged into the Micro BL with Line Out as the Micro BL DAC is not as apt at suppressing sibilance as the R6 Pro.

    But as I said I suspect Mojo will be an amazing pairing as well, I have sold it so can’t vouch for it but...

    While I am here I tested on Hugo 2 and I didn’t care much for the treble, hard edges there...
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2019
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