Vic's Mid-Fi Purge! Essential PH-1

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    Essential Phone - Black ~ $350
    - I've been using this as my streaming source for a little while now, and it's working out pretty well. Tidal has MQA and UAPP works with the dacs. Only issue is that on Pie, I can't get left channel sound out of Tidal to match the right channel on the two dacs following. Or at least not Pie. In UAPP, it works fine. Never part of a contract, been using it on Fi with a data-only SIM. Clean ESN. Comes with the 360 camera and camera case as well as a phone case with camera cutout. Matte black Dbrand skin on back. Phone is attractive as all hell.
    - Original box
    - All accessories included
    - 360 camera and camera case
    - Condition: Excellent. Remove the skin and screen protector and it could almost pass as new. Almost.
    - I'm partial to it
  2. Victorfabius
    Bump it! With pictures!

    IMG_20180925_201228.jpg IMG_20180925_201212.jpg IMG_20180925_201150.jpg IMG_20180925_201137.jpg IMG_20180925_201104.jpg IMG_20180925_201016.jpg IMG_20180925_200959.jpg MVIMG_20180925_200950.jpg MVIMG_20180925_200935.jpg IMG_20180925_200839.jpg IMG_20180925_200734.jpg IMG_20180925_200720.jpg IMG_20180925_200617.jpg

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