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Vibro Labs Introduction, USA tour, and Head-Fi discount!

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  1. Luke Pighetti
    Hello Head-Fi!
    I am the owner of Vibro Labs, a small earphone lab in Maine. I have been engaged in the headphone community for some time... I started out making Grado cups in my garage, and am most notoriously known for being partner-in-crime to @zach915m. The ZMF x Vibro was a joint effort, as was the ZMF Omni. Working with Zach is awesome and you'll be seeing a lot more from us in the near future.... [​IMG]
    Who are you?
    I am a mechanical engineer, a builder of things, and I'm also this bearded dude. (I have to give mad props to my partner Meagan for following me down Class III rapids in a freaking canoe!)
    So let's get a few things out of the way....
    What is Vibro Labs?
    Vibro Labs is a small earphone shop in Maine. We specialize in daily-driver heirlooms. Oxymoron? We disagree. Earphones are meant to be used and abused, like any tool or piece of equipment. But they should also be gorgeous, and of top quality. We make heirloom quality earphones that are priced to be used, not kept in a climate controlled safety deposit box. We back this up with a 2 year warranty and a $99/50% repair policy. Thats $99 for any repair out of warranty, and 50% retail for a complete rebuild (if you store them in a trash compactor, for example).
    What is your house sound?
    I tend to prefer an extended, clear signature. Strong and controlled sub-bass, clean mids, a touch of high end extension, and fast transients. I find that this lays a good foundation for all genres of music while being non-fatiguing and presenting clear vocals and an abundance of microdetails. That's my jam.
    What do you listen to?
    I'm not a snob. I will listen to Nathan Fake, Taylor Swift, and Dave Brubeck in the same session. (Power girl-pop always seems to happen when I'm on a CAD binge. I couldn't tell you why! As a side note, I'm usually on a CAD binge.... Don't tell anyone.)
    Did you know that your name sounds like....

    As the top purveyor of vibrating anatomical aural pleasure devices, I have no idea what you're talking about.


    A fine pair of Aria universals in Buckeye Burl are going on tour!
    Website: http://vibrolabs.com
    Reviews: http://www.head-fi.org/products/vibro-labs-aria-quad-armature-in-ear-monitor/reviews
    What is Aria?
    Aria is a quad-armature flagship earphone. It's available in universal and custom fit. It uses top-quality Knowles armatures. Sound signature is extended and clear. Lots of strong, controlled, subbass, clean and relaxed mids, with a little extra sparkle on top. Faceplates are exotic hardwoods only, exhibition grade and heirloom quality. The response from customers has been overwhelmingly outstanding. It is genre versatile and pleasing. Aria is the king (queen?) of sub-bass soundscapes and the finest microdetails.
    The shells are 3d printed on an industrial SLA printer in a medical lab, which means we can build in a robust feature set (such as a thick jack mount that would normally cause sinking or overweight) with no bubbles or injection flash. Everything is hand assembled and goes through a lean manufacturing process that ensures exceptional quality and durability.
    What's in the box?
    1. Aria Universal in Buckeye Burl
    2. 2-pin Cable
    3. A boatload of fresh Comply tips in S/M/L
    4. Sterilization wipes
    5. Stickers
    6. Love, kinda.
    How do I sign up?
    Reply to this thread with your username, City & State, and a link to a previous review. Sign up ends July 1st. Tour begins July 5th.
    How does it work?
    1. You have 7 days to audition
    2. I will PM you the next address
    3. You ship to the provided address
    4. You PM the tracking number to me
    5. You write a review on Head-Fi
    6. You link to your review in this thread!
    The fine print...
    By entering the tour you allow Vibro Labs to use your review for promotional purposes. Choosing reviewers is the responsibility of Vibro Labs. Each user must be comfortable with us PMing another user your shipping address.


    Thank you for having me in this community! I'm super stoked to be a sponsor.
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  2. bhazard
    Sounds great. I have the Veritas (still learning how to properly use it), and would love to hear the Aria.
    Hastings on Hudson, NY
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  3. Luke Pighetti
    Awesome! Hope you're finding it useful and thanks for posting. [​IMG]
  4. cyph3r
    any chance that the review tour comes through o Europe?
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  5. silvrr
    Username: Silvrr
    City & State: Bartlett, IL
    Previous Reviews:
  6. Luke Pighetti
    I'll definitely do international tours if there is enough interest!
  7. esm87
    Guys, I have the universal edition in buckete myself. These scream quality to look at, they are a one cool looking IEM. I dont have the technical audio savvy to articulate a review as such.

    I will say, I look forward to using them whenever I get the chance. From acoustic genres to hip hop these sound class!

    All im wanting to do now is get a mojo to eek out the full potential of these compared to using it from my phone. On that note, my s6 edge plus, drives these loud. I like my music a touch loud, these are driven very easily.

    Cheers luke
  8. bclark8923
    San Francisco, California

  9. WhiskeyJacks

    Terryville, Connecticut

  10. Feilong4
    Username: Feilong4
    City, State: Little Canada, MN
    Previous Reviews:
  11. cyph3r
    terrific. I sign up then:
    Username: Cyph3r
    City & State: [city disclosed on request], Switzerland 
    Previous Reviews:
    http://www.head-fi.org/products/lear-lcm-a1d/reviews/14564 (featuring the Vibro labs Veritas!)
  12. RedJohn456

    Oh man I loved Vince's review of these and if tour ever comes to Canada, would love to be a part of it :)
  13. jjacq
    Miami, FL

    Also got a bunch of stuff from Reddit in terms of reviews under the same name!
  14. Hisoundfi Contributor

  15. EagleWings
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