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Vibro Labs Earphone — 4-driver armatures

  1. cleg
    1-Main Pic.jpg
    I'm not sure why there is not dedicated thread for Earphone (or I can't find it via search), but I think they deserve one.

    Many Head-Fiers know excellent Vibro Labs models: ARIA, MAYA and SERA — they all offered excellent price/quality ratio.

    After some pause, Vibro Labs decided to drop all those models and release a single new IEMs, offering best possible sound for $400. So, they've created earphone called… Earphone

    Specs are simple:
    • Mass 9.8g
    • Impedance 28Ω
    • Sensitivity 113dB

    Few more photos:
    2-Box.jpg 3-Accessories Set.jpg 4-Overview.jpg 5-Without Tips.jpg 6-Rear Side of AK.jpg 7-Overview.jpg 8-Again with AK.jpg
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  2. cleg
    And my video review, for those, who OK with accent :)

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  3. rantng
    How is the finish on yours? I know the driving force behind the Earphones is sound quality, but my right earphone has a matte finish while the left earphone is glossy. Also, there appears to be some dimpling/air bubbles on the outside as well as a white speck of dust that seems to be embedded in the shell. The right shell seems to be slightly more transparent as well. Other than these cosmetic issues, I am enjoying the Earphones and agree with your review.
  4. cleg
    mine are equal and both are glossy :) and don't have big cosmetic issues
  5. specKtre
    @rantng could share some words about vibro earphones as it seems you are the only other person, besides @cleg who owns them. Some comparisons would be extremely helpfull. I'm looking forward to purchase a pair of Earphones, but as i have no possibility to test them it is kinda "leap of faith" at the moment.
  6. rantng
    Unfortunately (fortunately) I've recently acquired a few more IEMs & I've been splitting my time between them all trying to decide which ones to keep. I'll have to listen to them again this weekend for comparisons, but the Earphone is definitely a keeper. I found it smooth sounding with good depth & resolution, balance & instrument separation.
  7. specKtre
    Sounds like my cup of tea:)
    Thank you
  8. rantng
    Soundstage is decent, not especially large or wide, but with nice 3D imaging. Vocals are forward & intimate.

    Just listened to Birdy - 1901. Great imaging on this track, especially in the beginning. Thanks @specKtre for prompting me to put these back in my ears. They've actually been in my IEM storage box for the past few weeks.
    Last edited: Dec 29, 2017
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  9. FortisFlyer75
    I'm getting the impression from what I am reading been a Maya owner I would like these but is there anyone out there who can compare the Earphone with the Maya as I still love my Maya sound to bits and in my heart I'm hoping it is the Maya signature just improved further maybe?

    I have listened to some expensive IEMs at shows last year and there was not one that really done it for me to say lets invest another £1K on top in an IEM, yes there may be ones at that flagship price that will offer even more resolution or headroom or more soundstage or depth but the tonality and balanced and involvement of the Mayas get me every time and thought that might of died along the way in the last year or so I have had them but it hasn't.

    Just wish I had got Luke to of transformed my Mayas into customs when I still had the chance! stupid me....

    So anyone who is lucky enough to have the Maya and the Earphone to compare as I am unfortunatly not in a position to get the Earphone for near seable future to find that out for myself?
  10. meringo
    Doesn't seem like he's still in business. He's had my Mayas in to be converted to universals for 2 months now and broke communication a couple of weeks ago after saying he was about to ship them out.

    Not sure how to proceed or get my Mayas or money back.
  11. FortisFlyer75
    Hi Meringo,

    Have you heard anything since? I have a friend who mentioned he may have or has had some health issues in the past so maybe he is dealing with that at the moment but obviosly it is the not knowing in the dark leaves you clueless as to what is happening so understand where you are coming from as I had this myself when I purchased a few Whiplash cables years ago and the owner had some issues which delayed things which is a probmatic situation when you have a one man band operation.

    I am a big Vibro fan owning the Mayas and I was looking at getting his new earphone model a bit later on but did want the opposite to you and wanted my universal Maya iem's turned into custom shells as I still love these iems just as much as most 1-3K iems I have demoed in last 18 months, Some how Luke has an ear and really nailed it for me with the Mayas.

    So I take it you purchased these 2nd hand in custom form from someone and wanted it changed to universal fit...

    Let me know if you have any luck or not as I have always found Luke quite responsive with my dealing with him in the past always taking time out to go in depth with comms so hope he is okay but at same time you need some confirmation or re-assurance on your order naturally.
  12. rantng
    I've always found Luke quite responsive as well, although I do admit it is a little worrisome that he hasn't been active on here in quite some time. In the meantime, I am quite enjoying the Earphone. In regards to Whiplash, I've actually tried contacting them twice within the past 2-3 months about a damaged cable and haven't received a response from them either.
  13. meringo
    I have my Mayas back from conversion. Although I'm not thrilled with the months-long wait or communication, Luke is quite the craftsman. They both look and sound fantastic.

    Hope all is well in his life.
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2018
  14. FortisFlyer75
    Can any Vibro Earphone user out there confirm what size tips they take as the bore still looks quite wide like the Maya bores were which took t600 tips from memory.
  15. rantng
    According to my measurement, the nozzle is 5mm wide.

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