very worthy kickstarter project - short film re illness / hardship / rebirth
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Apr 8, 2007
hello all,
a very dear friend of mine, John White, is in the home stretch of preparation for filming a fascinating story of inspiration and rebirth. Limantour is to be an independent, narrative short film, focused on a key event in the evolution of a critically-ill woman acknowledging her situation and hence evolving a sense of clarity and determination about achieving life's limitless opportunities.
John is a talented, Emmy-award winning film and video editor who has worked on a wide spectrum of projects including several independent films; plus commercial engagements such as NFL/ESPN, several NBC Olympics broadcasts, numerous major advertisers... he's got chops.
A small, exceptional group of Bay Area talent - actors, crew, production - have completely donated their time to support the telling of this wonderful story. To address the unavoidable hard costs (such as permits and fees for location shooting, transportation and feeding the team in the remote National Seashore area location on the northern California coast), John has created a funding pledge project on in order to hopefully raise a small amount toward the remaining required funds.
The kickstarter pledge page with Limantour project info is here
For the funding initiative to succeed, the team has until this coming Weds 18 April, 3:50PM EDT to raise a remaining amount of kickstarter pledges somewhat over $1100 - ie of their $7500 target, $6300+ has already been pledged.
Please take a few moments to look at the Limantour project and decide if this is something you can support, either directly or by forwarding the information onward to others you feel may have interest. This is a story which can inspire and help many, if only it can be heard. 
I'm quite moved by the underlying message at the heart of Limantour: several head-fiers are aware and supportive that I'm personally in a mode of struggling intensely to stay afloat but determined to restart my life and career... 30+ years as a principal in the world of digital signal processing enabling the creation of audio compression, digital consumer and pro audio equipment, media processing and the IC chips that allowed digital mobile phones and media devices....
... all gone through associated major medical issues after what is now 8 years of intense, ugly civil rights battle concerning having been targeted and convicted on a wrongful charge of attempted homicide (in what - perversely - was ultimately proven a Kafka-esque, fabricated event, an egregious incident of police and prosecutor misconduct and conspiracy). I didn't roll over, fought back, eventually had my wrongful conviction overturned; and thru perseverence and personal effort to hopefully help others who can't fight, a portion of my situation spawned a credible civil rights case which recently made it to the US Supreme Court....
As I'm writing this, the daily page banner on another site I frequent is "It can be argued that a human is ultimately the sum of his experiences." Given my particular set of life's little distractions, I most certainly agree... and we have to try to use all of it to help others. Experiences and the resulting opportunity are what we're given as tools and knowledge with which to make a difference in our world; the message in Limantour is a direct but beautiful one which can be of universal inspiration to many.
So please pardon my personal and philosophical injection, but I do hope you'll take a moment to consider supporting Limantour.
More about John White at his site picturestartedit

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