Very Satisfied Customer

  1. havagr8da
    I ordered a D10 from the iBasso Website. They sent an e-mail the next day telling me it had been shipped. It arrived today and I could not be more pleased.

    The DAC is fantastic, my laptop and tube amp are married now. They are a beautiful couple. Oh and the little baby Klipsch speakers are going to be a pleasure to be up with long into the morning hours.

    My iPod Touch sounds so sweet now playing from the line out.

    The D10 for me has been a winner all the way. Great product iBasso!!!
  2. So_Sweet
    Awesome, my T4 came in 2 days while my Fiio E5 took 2 weeks. Amazing! The only thing I dislike is the charger.. Cheap much?
  3. doctorH
    and, I still have not gotten any replies from them....
    should I be worrying? I live in Canada, do you think it will take a long time for me to receive D2+?
    I really hope it arrives soon....
  4. tamu
    ordered a p3+ a week ago and received it in 5 days including weekend. Had a faulty adapter and People in ibasso sent me some money back immediately so I can buy a new one here in UK. Very pleased with the customer service!

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