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Verum Audio - Exciting high performance DIY planar

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by cskippy, Aug 22, 2018.
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  1. fpantalone
    Mine also sounded great out of the box ... and just kept getting better ... I found most difference in the high end.
  2. kelvinwsy
    Luck's with me! No shipping damage to my Verum 1.
    Right now running it in. Will be doing comparison with my Final Audio VI, Audio Technica ADX1000 Air (old model), Hifiman HE560 (original model) and my Senn HD800 in the coming days. No point comparing it to my Abyss AB-1266 phi/cc of course!

    Initial impressions are very favourable.
    1. Verum 1 is 8 ohm but needs a bit of power to show its stuff. My Pioneer XDP-300R puts out 45mW on single ended 3.5mm I think?
    Volume max is 160 and I need to run it at 130 plus,,,
    2. It responds very well to more power. I have the FiiO E12 and E12a, Put it into bass mode and cancel any Equalizer setting (or put it on low bass plus) -- The Verum comes across with much more authority.
    3, Immediately noticeable is the bass - It is really quite good - irrespective of its humble price. It has impact! Real impact, depth of bass notes, clarity. Though not the quickest. This is IMHO not the fault of the Verum,,, the FiiO E12 is warm and muddy in the bass mode.
    4. Will try it out on my bigger Class A Solid State Krell KS5 HP amp this weekend after the Verum has been run in.
    5. The other noticeable aspect is the Highs.... it sounds rolled off. Not missing but sounds softer and the highs don't soar as clear - especially noticeable compared to the FInal Audio VI which tends to be a bit hot in the 6 -8k freq band
    6. More suitable will be a comparison to the HE560's as both are planars, The Final Audio VI and the AD1000 Air are both dynamic HP's. This will be done weekend coming!
    7. Stereo spread seems good on the portable test rig used but have to test in on my main HP system to be sure.
    8. Depth is there... how good or bad ? Have to test it on my main HP amp set
    9. Mids are nice and sweet - definitely I can wear this and take a nap with the HP's playing acoustic tracks.. Rolled up a towel and used this to support my neck and lower part of my head. This fits into the gap between the 2 Verum Hp pads.
    10. Comfort and fit. - The supplied HP pads are THICK! Clamping pressure a little on the high side but can be adjusted.
    Overall I am very happy with the Verum 1.

    Just a note of caution. I tend to connect and disconnect my HP cables before I store my HP's in their box - I don't like to hang my HP's on HP stands. Neater and less dust on HP's kept neatly in their boxes. The 2.5 female jacks shows a slightly wobble when I push it and pull out the 2.5 mm male jacks. I have decided to leave the cables connected and just stored the Verums with the cables connector facing upwards and then rolled the cable neatly in the box. Repeated pull in and out of the cable will strain the female cable jack. ... Will risk damage.

    Happy Listening
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  3. abm0
    Agreed. What stands out to me (with the super-thick pads at least) is the holographic presentation, like I'm at a concert in a medium-sized hall. (Everything is spaced out like this except the extreme left and right sounds, which are suddenly very close and sound like they're coming right from the cup.)

    This is one I can't confirm. I've used it with the Oppo HA-2 so far and most songs were too loud for me if I turned it to the "2" marking on low-gain. Mostly listened at "1". But it's close to or beyond the limit of the HA-2's ability to put out high current, and it gets it quite hot, so I will be using it with a series-resistor adapter just to be safe.

    Yep, same here: part of the positive initial impression is how the sub-bass goes deeper than the HE-400i without losing energy, and has faster attacks which make it more "slammy" (though not everyone agrees on the slam, I suspect because of the lack of high excursion / pistonic motion). What is not quite to my liking though is the overall bass level, which remains weak at my preferred low listening volume. I suspect this will always be the case with every planar in all price brackets - they have bottomless ruler-flat bass, but only at medium-high listening volume. For me this will sound sloped down and they will always need EQ or some bass boost to sound correct, and will never satisfy out-of-the-box like some V-shaped dynamics can. But that's for all planars, not a specific fault of the Verum.

    Overall so far its sound makes me want to keep listening to all of my collection and forget to stop. :) Hope that remains true after I EQ or pad-roll in some more of the missing treble and remove their "veil".
  4. Uppertaker
    I'll write my impressions aswell, not sure if anyone's going to give a ****

    Overall I have to say I agree mostly with the latest descriptions of this headphone, it has holographic presentation, bass tends to be in the back the instruments somewhere in the middle, and vocals infront, I find this somehow consistent in most songs which is remarkable and I'll add sounds really good, since the three parts have a good ammount of space between them and sound hence very clear and detailed, aswell as sweet... it's so detailed u can listen to it at lower volumes without feeling like you're missing out, I'd say if you have a bit of patience to wait, it's probably the best deal in audio today, besides the he-500, these two headphones are what I'd call endgame, not because they sound the best, but because you get them, and you really don't need more to enjoy your music... whilst even 800+ euro headphones sometimes leave you wanting for more, or help you enjoy music but not as much as these. let me tell you what i hear a bit more clearly:

    -Soundstage is really good, it's not huge on songs that usually have big soundstages, but it makes songs that usually have no soundstage get on that same level... without loosing any detail, which is a big deal... I'd say this is why people call them detailed, it's a headphone that does make your music sound better, soundstage wise, more natural, with prettymuch spot on clarity and separation, I think this is because the creator was going for a "speaker like" tuning.... and he achieved that, imaging is really good and very clear, layering in the music really comes out, and you feel a good distance between the layers. Few headphones do this well, it's not a big soundstage, but it's a Quality soundstage.

    -Detail is also fairly good, this one is hard to describe, I'd say you have to go on the 500+ mark to get headphones this detailed, and usually if you do you're trading off some other frequency in favor of a higher pitched headphone that has more detail... whilst this isn't overly bright but instead is very balanced and bass is just as clear and boostable (for real bassheads, again this is quality bass, not quantity, but u can adjust quantity in eq having great quality and quantity) without ever muddying up any frequencies, which is a plus. it's detailed enough that I am listening to only this, and compared to headphones i even owned in the past I wouldn't trade an overly detailed headphone for this, I think this headphone makes your music clear.

    -Bass is very subwoofer like, you can hear everything and it does not ever once go into the midrange, it extends reeeally low and packs a moderate punch, it's further in the back, but that depends a lot on the song that you're listening to, some songs will be satisfying as heck and bassy if you listen to electronic music, whilst you turn to rock and all of a sudden everything sounds balanced, and you hear a bass guitar. I'd say its one of the higher quality basses i heard, I'm loving it and it's good a good punch and sub even without eq

    -Mids are, god mids are just so damn very clear, this is why i could listen to this headphone all day, don't get me wrong the bass is great, but god damn these mids, finally! After hearing the he-500 I thought all planars were going to sound good, except I found only high end ones did... Well here's another one! never muddied up by other frequencies, people say it's v shaped but the mids are right where they should be, somewhere in the middle of the presentations with voices more foward, instruments sound like they're coming from outside your headphones, the mids are natural, transparent clear and never once harsh, low volume's got the same resolution as high volume, yet it doesn't get harsh, I can't praise enough how a headphone at this price, or even higher prices, don't get near close to how pleasant yet clear these mids sound. People love the hd600 for their mids, I personally understand why they do and what they're looking for when they say they do, but the hd-600 mids still sounded just thin and not pleasant at all to me, like the headphone was tall and narrow..... well these are what the hd600's mids should've always sounded like, sweet as hell in the high mids, without ever sounding thin, these are one of the most natural mids i heard, and this is proven by the fact that these headphones just sound so damn different on every song I play them on! I'd call them transparent, because it's really the song that dictates how these headphones sound, LOVE the mids.

    -Highs, detailed, brings stuff u didn't hear in the music out more, without ever sounding harsh, again most headphones today tend to sound harsh, even thinking highs I shriek a little... well these just make you hear them, when they're there in the track. Superpleased that they're audible at low volume, and not harsh at high volume, again just astonished at this headphone. Highs are slightly in the background or to the side, depending on the track, they also are part of the holographic presentation, though it's one of the most harmonious presentations i've seen on a headphone, doesn't feel like things are coming from random places, rather behind one another, or right next to.

    So basically these headphones change on the song, and adapt to bring the best out of every song. the only drawbacks I could think of, are if you want a headphone with a specific sound signature and would rather spend more money for a worse sounding headphone just because u don't want to EQ, or if you believe the build quality is bad, which is not, the connectors are now german and really bulky, I promise the cable is gonna break before this headphone does... only complaint would've been comfort, I felt like the top metal piece pressed on my head in the beginning... but adjusting the headband a little... **** the weight is really well distributed, makes them feel like nothing... and goddamn is the padding Actually soft and plentiful

    I have no complaints, this is one heck of a headphone, regardless of price, and I feel like people suck headphones' dick that objectively are **** compared to this on this website, so... give it a try, it'll rock your world.

    can't wait on the V2's, I'm sold on them, and the price is a steal for real.
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  5. kelvinwsy
    Further impressions of the Verum 1
    1. Still using the mobile rig -
    2. Relative impressions of Verum 1 vs Audio Technica AD1000 Air and Final Audio Sonorous VI - all on Single Ended 3.5 output from the Pioneer XDP-300R through the FiiO E12 no bass/Low gain
    Using 1 Track for simplicity and easy reference
    HDTracks Ashleigh Smith 96kHz 24bit - Best Friends

    3. AT AD1000Air - muddy bass (ill-defined) Ashleigh's voice has a raspy tone at the tail end of each word she sang... Hmmh no so sweet? But her voice wa present and front and center ... Instruments not well positioned - Alright for a mid price dated HP but very quickly eliminated
    This was my 'First Hi-end HP' - Has the technology moved on....SIgh!

    Final Audio VI - Bass punch is strong - a little intrusive into the low mids
    Highs are sparkly -
    Great sound and sound localization of the Hi-hats and drums
    Ashleigh's voice was mid depth in the Sound stage well centered and crystal clear. But as I am well aware,, there is a hot zink in the high mids from the 6-8k region. I usually EQ this to negative 2db to adjust for this hot zing.
    All in all a very nice HP, 20ohm, High sensitivity, I can drive this direct from the Pioneer XDP-300R in balance mode no problem.

    Verum 1 - The NEW BOY in town
    Hmmh - Nice Bass - deep, impactful and quite clear
    Mids - Wow - Ashleigh's voice is sweet as in the VI above but it is clear without any hint of raspy or hotness like in the AD1000 or the VI above
    Hi Hats, cymbals drums - I think the VI takes the top spot here. The airiness of the Highs on the Verum seems a bit tame.
    But it is a very Entertaining and Competent HP - For 350USD vs the 400 I paid for the AD1000 -(a decade ago) and the 500USD I paid for the Sonorous VI
    I declare the Verum 1 the Winner by a Value Buy knockout

    More testing of all 3 on my main HP rig with the HE560 and the HD800 joining the tournament this weekend!

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  6. kelvinwsy
    OH NO! The right side 2.5mm female jack is not making contact.. NO SOUND on right channel!!
    What do I do to claim warranty./ repair??
  7. fpantalone
    The same happened to me. I emailed him and he got right back to me, apologized for them failing, and asked that I send in the headphones, he would repair them, and send them back to me with the extra ear pads as a make up. Any communication we have had has been extremely fast response, very cordial and he's always come through with what he has said. More than I can say for some of the companies I have dealt with. I hope this helps. No need to get too excited. He'll make it good I'm sure.
  8. tuby sound
    Do you have a click when you plug it?

  9. kelvinwsy
    Can Garuspik answer please! I jiggle the right side 2.5mm jack and the Sound comes and goes!
    I am good at diy crimping and soldering.. Can I try to repair it?
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2019
  10. shanecoughlan
    061314EC-88E7-4FEB-8763-1C9C6D3BCA38.jpeg 32F03B19-A8F7-448D-86F1-19E4B1C8F7A8.jpeg 0EA44899-A437-41B8-BA0D-471DAB5560C6.jpeg 5942D400-5D6D-433F-B8B1-161F72FA748F.jpeg
    3D380CF7-98A1-45DD-BFE1-B02AAEACECD0.jpeg Mine arrived yesterday. The right earphone jack was slightly loose. Just turned right to tighten. Build quality is hand made rather than manufactured, but feels well crafted.

    Update to follow after a few days of use.
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2019
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  11. kelvinwsy
    Box Crushef
  12. kelvinwsy
    False alarm. Garuspik was super responsive! It was one of the 2.5mm cable adapters I was using for balanced mode that was underspec and making only intermittent electrical contact! Problem solved!
    Thx to Garuspik
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  13. kelvinwsy
    Hey i got the massdrop 4pin xlr male to 2.5mm female TRRS adapter.!
    Running the Verum1 balanced to my Audionote Quest Silver 300b tube monoblocs thru a Hifiman Resistor box!
    The stock cable is fine ! It was my 2.5mm to 3.5 mm adapter that was off spec!
    Sorry for the false alarm Garuspik
    The Verum 1 sounds fantastic .. of course not like my Abyss Ab1266 phi cc( 1200% more expensive!)
    But it takes on my He560.. Close fight ..I think the Verum 1 wins by a tech knockout.. The He560 has a raspy 8-10k treble .. on my tube amp and my KSA5 pure class A this is tamer but You can still hear it .
    The Verum 1 is cleaner a lot cleaner mid-hi freq
    Tomoro HD800 vs Verum 1
    The Verum 1 packs a value AND SQ knockout punch
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  14. kelvinwsy
    Hi Garuspik packing of my Verum1 could hv be stronger
  15. Th3Drizzl3
    i agree about the packaging mine were shipped in a box that was literally destroyed when it arrived. luckily the headphones survived but the box looked like someone used it as a step stool. it also had a big hole in the side.
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