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Verum Audio - Exciting high performance DIY planar

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by cskippy, Aug 22, 2018.
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  1. fpantalone
    I've been following Steve religiously for years (but please ... let's not get into religion too! :) ) Yes ... I saw that video, as well as part two last weekend. He's one of the best out there.
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  2. kintsaki
    Ok, I am wrong, my old ears, (same age as Steve) can barely listen to 14K. So it is highly probable that JDS labs sounds much better than the RME. I am laughing at myself like Steve and so can you laugh at me. I send you the video because in the mid 80's I bought a Threshold Stasis for a friend (not as affluent as me) that he liked my hideously expensive ML-2's, and he was extremely pleased just like I was with her performance.

    My question "Have seen my videos linked, have you enjoyed them" about the Daniel Barenboin videos was not directed at you, it was directed to
    @fpantalone .
  3. kintsaki
    Yes by building/buying a special adapter you can connect a headphone directly to the speaker terminals of a power amp.
    So a digital signal (from a desktop/laptop commuter)goes to the DAC and the analog output from the DAC is fed to the input of the power amp that drives directly the headphones.
    You will not need to do so. Nowadays there are good quality amp/DAC's that can drive Orthodynamics that are difficult to drive like the Fostex RP's.
    The Verum is not difficult to drive despite its price and its very high performance. But the He-6 will need a very very powerful amp/DAC or better yet a power amp. So it will cost even more as a whole system. Some people may prefer the He-6 over the Verum 1. That is why the question whether another Verum XYZ at twice the price of the Verum 1 will sound better to those who prefer the He-6 is a very good question,
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  4. RestlessZombi
    Thanks for your explanation, while I had seen the HifiMan adaptor, I hadn't thought of it at the time. Putting that much power into a headphone just sounds absurd, but looking at the HE-6 specs it makes kinda sense.

    I'm not sure on what Act 2 of Verum Audio will be but so far, one model of Headphone has caused a fairly large ripple through the headphone world.. Maybe its time for Verum Electrostatics :)
  5. Sound Eq
    what act 2, you mean there is a new headphone or just an updated design.
  6. RestlessZombi
    Nothing yet, just Verum has made a name for themselves now, Orders from the Kickstarter and Website are getting closer and closer to being processed as they come in. A few have suggested where they would like where Garuspik and Verum Audio to go next, but its all just ideas and wishes at the moment.
  7. eyoon
    On another forum, there was mention a while ago of the Verum 0.5, a single-sided magnet headphone for a lower price, but I have no idea if that will actually make it to market.
  8. RestlessZombi
    I believe that was considered, tested and as you say suggested as a possibility but Garuspik opted for the double sided for quality purposes. I believe it was something he said was possible but not something he wanted to proceed with for now.

    This is just what i can remember from this conversation in this and the build thread, so it could be somewhat or completely wrong. Just adding what i can remember until a Official answer may be made.
  9. allaces305
    I really don't know enough to recommend any changes to the driver but there should definitely be consideration on the cat ears design for the next Verums... The leather pad that lays flat on the head is amazingly comfortable but the suspension system thing-a-ma-jiggy could use a redesign.... I'm not saying it doesn't work because it's extremely functional it's just more for aesthetic reasons.
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2019
  10. eyoon
    agreed. but aside from not being the best looking headphones, I think the design actually makes them the least comfortable headphones I've had (and, I don't tend to have discomfort issues with headphones in general). Due to the weight and the screw mechanism in the center, the top of my head gets tender after wearing them for a couple hours, which isn't something I've experienced with other headphones. Perhaps, I just need to add more padding myself. or stretch out the metal band to flatten the angle.

    but, they do sound very nice. especially for the price.
  11. cskippy
    Maybe try extending the yokes (make the strap insert highter) and then decrease the distance between the pads with the screw up top to increase pad clamp which should alleviate the top pressure.
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  12. mightytison
    Trying once again to get in touch with the creator. I received my headphones finally and I do like the sound, but the top thumb screw to tighten the head band adjustment came stripped out. I've sent an email and sent a PM a couple of days ago with no response. If you are reading this thread still please reply and let me know when I can expect a replacement part. Thank you.
  13. eyoon
    I had the same issue. More specifically, the screw itself wasn’t stripped, but the other piece with the V on it seems to not catch the threading until it’s too close to be useful. I was told to use an M3 screw as a replacement. I ended up just needing the nut and a washer to fix mine; though, it would’ve been nice to get a replacement part.
  14. will f
    I had a loaner Verum 1 and compared it to my Elex with aftermarket pads. Here’s what I said at the time:
    Compared to the Focal Elex:

    The Focals with Dekoni pads sound a lot like the Verum 1. The sound signature, dynamics and timbre are very similar. However, with the Focals the bass goes perhaps as deep but isn’t as textured or engaging. Most notably, the level of detail is significantly less. On the plus side, the Focals do have a much better sound stage and are superbly light and comfortable, not to mention good looking. It really is a pleasure to put them on after wearing either the Aeons or the Verum 1 for a while just because they are so light and cool. IMHO Focal sets the standard for well made and stylish high performance headphones. However, In terms of overall sound performance, the Verum 1 is better. More engaging, more detailed, sweeter, less metallic sound, better bass.
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  15. Hans-NL
    I've been reading here that the Verum 1 needs burning in, but is it also sufficient to just use them listening to music and that it in time also will soften up?
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