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Verum Audio - Exciting high performance DIY planar

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by cskippy, Aug 22, 2018.
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  1. JLoud
    The value of your headphones are fantastic. I thought they sounded much more expensive than they are. My only complaint is with the cable. But I understand if that is a cost issue. While the looks are very nice, I think the carbon fiber would be awesome. Really like the headband pad. They have a little more clamp than I like. But overall a very nice entry in the headphone market. I posted some comparisons on the loaner thread.
    The biggest difference compared to TOTL phones is the speed. Also the control during large dynamic swings. But overall I think you designed a real winner. Congratulations. I would love to see some pics of your assembly process. You said you are building them in your kitchen? If that's so, I like what your cooking!
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  2. JLoud
    Will f summed up the build and ergonomic part of the build on these so I won't go over them again. My feelings pretty much match his exactly. I too would like to see the carbon fiber look of the cups, although the wood grain is very nice. As far as the cable, I would like to see a little nicer one. But as it is a very common connection(2.5 mm) these are easily replaced if you desire. I found the length about right. Short enough for mobile and long enough for desktop.
    I don't really like describing the sound of a headphone, it is so subjective. I prefer to compare it to other headphones and let others decide if it is to their liking.
    Verum 1 vs Focal Listen.
    The Verum is more detailed, especially in the treble. It has a bigger soundstage with better imaging. It responds well to EQ. The mid range has less grain with better timbre.
    The Listen has more bass impact and a somewhat elevated bass response. But with EQ the Verum can match the bass quantity of the Listen with better control and definition.
    Verdict:The Verum 1 is clearly the better headphone. Technically and subjectively.

    Verum 1 vs Bower & Wilkens P7
    The P7 has a more prominent mid bass and a much smaller sound stage. If EDM or other bass heavy genres are your main choice this is a nice headphone. Very good build quality.
    The Verum has a much more balanced sound. While I would personally like a little more bass, EQ easily fixes the one area of concern.
    Verdict: The Verum is a more well rounded headphone with much better air and staging. Clearly better.

    Verum 1 vs Hifiman he400s
    The he400s was my go to recommendation for entry level open headphones. They have a very smooth sound and with the Focus pads the bass is brought up for a balanced sound. They do lack some energy in the treble and the soundstage is a little flat.
    The Verum has better air and detail in the treble. This gives it a more 3D sound. The bass of the Verum is about equal to the he400s without EQ. But it responds better to any adjustments.
    Verdict:The Verum is my new recommendation for entry open headphones..

    Verum 1 vs Audeze EL8
    The Verum has more treble anergy, as well as perceived detail. The soundstage is bigger.
    The EL8 has much more impact and the bass goes deeper. The midrange is more forward but not necessarily more detailed. Just a different presentation.
    Verdict: Very different headphones. But I was surprised that I actually preferred the Verum 1. I really like the Audeze house sound, but with EQ to address the bass quantity issue of the Verum, the airier treble and more open soundstage won out for most music choices.

    The comparisons were done using a Schiit Yggy A2, Burson Soloist amp, all from a mac mini running Audivana+ and lossless files.
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  3. muths66
    Anyone try verum with littlebear b4-x??
  4. nlwouter
    No but in my testing with the loxjie p20 it doesn't like tubes.
  5. cskippy
    The Loxjie P20 has a VERY high output impedance of 47 Ohmss, which is not typical even for tube amps. I've used Verum 1 with Schiit Valhalla 2 and Eddie Current Aficionado with zero issues.
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  6. nlwouter
    I did not know that, thanks.
  7. fpantalone
    I'm not a huge believer in headphone burn in/break in, but it 'seems' that my Verum' have improved vastly after maybe 50-60 hours of use. Powering with a Mojo. Bass has more impact/faster = killer! Upper end/detail has reached a new level as well. Is it just me ??
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  8. Garuspik
    Planars really have burn-in. After 10-20 hours film after continuous movement become more soft and responsive.
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  9. Windigo
    I got an update from garuspik regarding shipping of the current orders. Here is his mail:

    Hello. I'm finally solved all my manufacturing problems, already assembled all cups with drivers and magnetic systems for all ordered headphones and now producing titanium knobs for them and assembling headphones every day. I plan to ship your headphones before the end of this month.
    Here is Youtube video with finished cups:

    I placed my order on may 17th so it seems he is catching up now :)
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  10. fpantalone
    Seemed to take longer for me, but I have noticed quite a change, and it seems that it came on quite suddenly. They are at a different level now. Thanks again !!
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  11. shanecoughlan
    Fantastic news! I ordered a little before you. Race time :wink:
  12. will f
    The loaner pair I listened to must have had 10-20 hours of use before I got them. They sounded consistently good from the start and I didn’t notice any change during a week of listening. A quite capable headphone.

    I don’t know how much difference an amp makes with this headphone but it works extremely well with the Schiit Lyr 3. Plenty of low frequency oomph and control.
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  13. abm0
    I expect power will not be an issue with most modern amps designed with at least 16-ohm loads in mind, but there might be an issue with the noise floor when listening in quiet places. For example on the Oppo HA-2 I expect about 17-23 dB_SPL of noise based on Amir's measurements (and some extrapolation), which I might be able to hear in the quietest evenings/nights (measured ambient noise of 19-20 dB_SPL average). I may have to pull out the wallet again to get a really black background with these.
  14. Garuspik
    @abm0 you can use impedance jack to increase resistance and lower sensitivity.
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  15. abm0
    Oh right. I was just reading about that on ASR and DIYAH, where Solderdude even has some schematics for how to make your own. But I wouldn't want to make a fragile one myself - even with that solution I'd probably still pull out my wallet. :)
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