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Verum Audio - Exciting high performance DIY planar

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by cskippy, Aug 22, 2018.
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  1. CoFire
    Can anyone compared the Verum One to the HEX V2?
  2. Phantaminum
    I have the Ananda which is find is very similar to the HEX V2.

    The Verum One is a more forward sounding headphone. Let’s says row 3-4 compared to to row 8-9 on the Ananda. Instruments have more weight on the Verum One but Ananda has a more lighter touch. Both have fantastic low end extension into the sub bass.

    Ananda has a wider sound stage and has better separation in busy passages. If you’re not listening to something with extreme pacing you won’t notice it. Imaging goes to the Ananda but I find it’s acceptable for both. I really enjoy the timbre of on the Verum Ones compared to the Ananda. I very much enjoy guitar plucks from the Ananda but pianos and double kick drums sound more realistic out of the Verum One. They both have similar levels of detail in my opinion.

    Personally, they’re both great headphones at their price. A good comparison would be the differences between the HD650 vs the HD800. It boils down to what type of presentation are you looking for?
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  3. franz12
    Assuming the HEXs belongs to the same family as the HEKs, one noticeable difference is the placement of bass notes.

    Both has a very good bass, but how bass sounds between the two is quite different. The Verum plays bass in the inner space around ear pads. This is okay, but when it goes through busy passages with lots of bass, it is felt congested, bass notes being bouncing around ear pads.
    In contrast, the HEK plays bass in the outer space, if that makes sense.
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  4. SilverEars
    Yup, Verum sounds more enclosed. Hifimans generally sound airy due to the open nature of their planars and the large cups.

    HEXV2 is quite a smooth headphone that is more like a planar version of HD650. There's absolutely no sibilance and very forgiving and pleasant to listen to due to how smooth it sounds.

    HEX series are different from HEK series as it's smooth, laid-back and not as strong in treble in comparison for the HEK series. It has more of a warm nature and more decay to the sounds. HEK are usually clearer and tighter sounding.
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  5. shanecoughlan
    Thanks for flagging! Could you give me a link to the updated graphs?
  6. Fegefeuer
    To me that's the Verum's biggest flaw. The pads supposedly remove some of it. We'll see about that.
  7. Onurcan
    Can someone compare Verum 1 to Ultrasone Signature Dj? I love my sig dj a lot but closed cans makes my ears sweat and hot otherwise i love sig dj's clarity, resolution and amazing bass with seperation. Is someone can compare with that sides for me please? i
  8. kumar402
    Don't buy Valhalla2 for Planar. It's an OTL amp with high impedence and may not be a good match with Verum which is like 8 ohm.
    I had Valhalla2 and Lyr 3 and I personally enjoyed Lyr 3. Way more musical and pairs well with Planar HP
  9. wonderfaller
    Thanks for the update, shanecoughlan.
    In my case, the problem is that I've asked for the Verum Ones to be sent to the US, which I visit only once a year.
    I sadly cannot wait any longer for these headphones, as good as they are.
    Does anyone know how to contact Garuspik directly and get a reply?
  10. shanecoughlan
    Yup, just click on his highlighted name on my last post to access his profile and send a direct message. He is very responsive in my experience.
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  11. Garuspik
    It's funny thing with sensitivity. I've only today found out that most of headphone manufacturers measure sensitive as db\V not as db\mW. If I measure in such way then Verum 1 is 117 db\V.
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  12. kintsaki
    It certainly is ...!!!

    The Verum1 is so powerful that with a 2 Watt amp can deliver painful punches to your skull bonds
    and push low frequency air into your ears that not even a pair of 18 inch woofers driven by 2000
    Watts can ever dream to achieve.

    At 2 Watts you will be pushing 150 db's.
    and that is with no sigh of distortion...

    I dare everybody here to try it...
  13. theangelboy
    No thank you, I prefer to not permanently damage my hearing.
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  14. ZoddTheImmortal
    I still haven't received my tracking number my order was placed at the beginning of February.
    Somebody knows more?
  15. kintsaki
    If you believe this bureaucratic regulation then limit your listening to 2hrs a day and good luck finding a 1micro watt amplifier for your Verum 1.
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