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Verum Audio - Exciting high performance DIY planar

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by cskippy, Aug 22, 2018.
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  1. cskippy
    Not everyone's ears are the same so there will be peaks that stand out to some of us that are completely tolerable or unheard by others. Also, headphone placement can make a difference. Try wearing them further forward or backwards, higher and lower. Depending on the headphone there can big significant changes in sound.
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  2. dweekie
    I'm eagerly awaiting my pair. I'm quite sensitive to some treble peaks, so this should be interesting. Have you tried removing any foam to see if that helps alleviate the issue? Purrn's measurement I saw doesn't affect it by 5db, but it does change the relative frequency difference across the range. Of course EQ is perfectly fine to use as well.
  3. omniweltall
    Are all "I wanna dance with somebody who loves me" the same? Which particular album was it?

    This would be a good track to test 10khz in the future as well. Thanks.
  4. franz12
    "I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)" by Whitney Houston in Whitney (1987). It's one of her old album.
    I rechecked where peaks occur, and they are most noticeable on 1:17 and 2:23.

    On 2:23,
    with some (peaks) body love
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  5. omniweltall
    My album is her Greatest Hits. But let me try.
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  6. Garuspik
    Verum 1 has almost zero unit-to-unit variations. But measurement equipment and our ears differs much more. Measurements on different stands can't be directly compared.
    Think about your ear and earpads as a part of enclosure for a driver. To attenuate a treble you can try different pads.
  7. omniweltall
    I hear nothing peaky with that song. I tried the one from her greatest album and also a few youtube ones. It's all smooth to me.

    Can others also give it a try?
  8. franz12
    Perhaps, my ear canal doesn't have natural damping mechanisms so I might be more sensitive to that area.
    But did hands, purrin, and cskippy measure the same unit?
  9. Hifiearspeakers
    My concha also lacks damping material LOL!!!
  10. Garuspik
    Back in the day, when I only made first prototype every person mentioned in your list received one unit and then they shipped it to each other.
    Now I saw measurements with various pads, mods etc. Like any other product head-fiers always in quest for something new :wink:
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  11. omniweltall
    So this makes you more sensitive to treble?
  12. Hifiearspeakers
    I am treble sensitive, but my last remark was just a joke. Nobody has ears with damping factors. That would require an amplifier and an impedance curve. Ears simply have different geometry. That’s what made @franz12 comment so funny to me.
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  13. franz12
    I was so bad at biology lol.
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  14. franz12
    @cskippy I am experimenting with other positioning. I may be just less tolerant to some frequencies.

    First I thought the Verum has a similar tonality with a Hifiman. But with more listening time, I feel like the Verum is a baby between Audeze and Hifiman.
    What I hear is hifiman-like healthy amount of treble.
    At the same time, vocal image is large out of overall sound image like Audeze. I think that is why @omniweltall said it is small in width. But as he said the Verum has amazing imaging and resolution. Timbre is also great and vocals have their own body.

    I can nitpick a few things, but I know that there is no perfect headphone on earth. And they seem fixable with a few methods which do not cost a fortune. And I do think the value of the Verum is amazing.
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  15. omniweltall
    Hahaha...sorry I was outside; couldn't focus so much on the reading. Missed the joke.
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