Versatile + Portable phones <200$
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New Head-Fier
Oct 27, 2016
I'm looking for something that maybe not exist.
I would like to pair a nice phones to Fiio X5ii, listening to almost everything but mainly Classical> Jazz> Folk & Rock.
After reading reviews for days I eliminated the open or semi open headphones and understood I must have closed because I am usually listening on the go.
I found the Beyer Dynamics DT 660 very recommended for Classical but got a lot of complaints over build quality, ears are getting warm and some wrote they are not comfortable at all.
another option is the TH-A700X but they are huge and not portable.
I am starting to wonder if there are maybe IEMs I should check that could give great experience?
am I asking for an impossible combination as I want it to be comfortable+portable+great precise sound <$160 ??

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